6 signs you married the right guy for you

by By Rituparna Roy Deshpande, Team iDiva

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There was a time when you asked yourself almost 10 times a day if the guy you were about to marry was ‘The’ One. How else could you be sure that he was the person you wanted to wake up next to every morning?

Of course, you aren’t regretting it, because taking the plunge with him was the best decision of your life. But just to reassure you, here are some signs that you did marry the right guy after all.

He is the best roommate you’ve ever had:

Are you one of those who cribbed about having nightmarish roommates throughout your college days? Today, you will agree that the guy you married is the best roomie you’ve ever had. That’s probably why you can’t wait to get home after a long day, isn’t it?

He cares for your parents as much as his:

He will check on their health regularly, and sometimes be the son they never had. The guy you married cares about your parents as much as he cares about his own. It’s also him who suggests dining out with your parents on special occasions.

He keeps you company on weekends:

No matter how desperate he is to spend the weekend in bed, he makes sure that you have a good one. And sometimes he will excuse himself from family dinners and Saturday evening hangouts with his gang just to be with you.

He’s your confidante:

After a bad day at work, he is your go-to man for anything and everything. Be it dealing with a difficult boss, a harrowing daily commute or a bossy colleague, he will be there to comfort you and hold your hand.

He can handle your temper issues:

Let’s face it. Women can be moody, temperamental and even  hot-headed by nature (especially at that time of the month!). Given the scenario, he doesn’t mind being at the receiving end. The best part is that he silently wishes that you did not have to go through this each time.

He compliments you, randomly:

You coloured your hair, and he never noticed. But, he’s the same guy who will compliment you out of the blue. And all this when you look messy and have no make up on! Strange, but true.


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