8 reasons why boys shouldn’t be boys

by Shirea L. Carroll


It’s so funny how woman watch their weight to impress a man, and men let themselves go from six-pack to beer keg so nonchalantly.

“Boys will be boys.” As old as that saying is, it’s still hard to believe that in 2010 men continue to get a pass for the silliest things based on gender and genetics. There are a set of rules when it comes to behavior, appearance, attitude and thinking that has become socially acceptable for a man, but would be repulsive, shocking or wrong for a woman to think about, not to mention act upon.

Of course there are a few things women get over on, but not as clearly as much as men. Think about it, when is the last time you saw a female take a squat outside to relieve herself because she couldn’t make it to the bathroom? Exactly. These sexist societal norms make their way into relationships, often rubbing women the wrong way. Men start hearing that “boys will be boys” from an early age and then many of them find that they have a hard time growing up as men. They don’t realize the saying has an expiration date.

Once a boy reaches a place of maturation, “boys will be boys” only functions as an excuse to behave the wrong way as an adult. It takes a man to realize when it’s time to put away childish things, otherwise, dealing with a mature woman will be virtually impossible. In a fantasy world there would be no double standard, but there are and probably always will be biased views on how men and women are allowed to behave. So the least let’s present the top 8 “boys will be boys” antics women really wish men would retire. Fellas don’t get angry, but…..

1. Promiscuity
If a woman sleeps with a lot of men is labeled a whore, then guess what you call a man who sleeps with a women? Yes, they are whores to. The double standard that men should be able to cheat, play the field, and sow their wild oats are incomprehensible. As real as STDs and pregnancy are, mature men should think twice who they share their goodies with just as much as women do.

2. Hygiene
It’s sooo not cool to have dirty nails and onion-scented armpits or smell like you just came from the gym – after you took a shower. Don’t use your manhood as an excuse to be filthy. Truth is, man or woman, breath that smells like boiled bologna is sinful.

3. Body Weight

It’s so funny how woman watch their weight to impress a man, and men let themselves go from six-pack to beer keg so nonchalantly. Men, take care of yourselves. Sloppy is not sexy, no matter your sex.

4. Manners
Okay, so you’re just going to burp and fart while you have your elbows on the table? Men need to understand that a man with manners is a man with class, and nothing is smoother than a guy with socially correct behavior. Thank you.

5. Lack of Emotion
It is fine to shed a tear from time to time, fellas. Showing an emotion besides the testosterone-fueled anger (See #9) isn’t a “female thing,” nor is it sign of weakness.

 6. Fidelity 

Because your a man the rules of monogamy don’t apply? Negative. An one-woman man > a man with many women.

 7. Fashion

Hello! No one is wearing Karl Kani and cornrows anymore. No one says you have to be a metrosexual to care about how you dress. Call it judgmental or not, but how you dress is a reflection of you.

8. Aggression
We understand that men have testosterone running through their bodies, but there should be no such thing as excusable aggression and violence just because you’re a man. If women must learn to control themselves to be a lady, men need to control themselves and learn the meaning of true discipline.


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