APC presidential aspirants deliver convincing speeches (READ)


by Godwin Akanfe

The presidential primaries of the opposition party, All Progressives Congress,  has entered the second day at the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere, Lagos.

During the night, all the presidential aspirants got to deliver short speeches to convince delegates to vote for them.

Below are the speeches by the five contenders:

Atiku Abubakar speech

By the end of this convention you would have elected a presidential candidate, that is not the main reason that i’m here. Nigerians want change and they want change because they are fed up with the PDP government. they are tired of the crushing level of unemployment. They are tired fo poor electricity, they are tired of the dangerous PDP mathematics a dangerous maths where 16 is greater than 19. They are tired and disgusted by the siege of power and the tear gas of the our speakers on the orders of the same executives that deceived the speaker to reconvene the assembly of on issues of National important. Nigerians are tired of the dead traps called road. they are tired of the collapse of the public school system.
You came here because you believe in change. you believe that our hopes and dreams can become a reality, you believe that our great country can send a standard for all of africa to see. Change for a better Nigeria and Nigeria for all as the candidate of our great party in 2015.
Today we would demonstrate that every vote counts. The APC is offering something we have never had in a long time. We would have the chance to replace a party with a party that knows what to do.
who understand that education should not only be accessible but delivers what it takes. the nominee you are about to elect must be a person trusted by all across all ethnic groups in the country.
Distinguished delegates flow Nigerians I continue to speak out for democracy. I’ve been a successful entrepreneur creating jobs empowering men and women.


Muhammadu Buhari’s speech

Know that the hopes and destiny of Nigerians are with you and they expect you to play a credible role. I expect you to do the same. I seek to be the next president of our beloved nation because I feel I have something to offer our great nation at this time.. I am ready to lead Nigeria to its rightful future. I have always serve Nigeria to the best of my ability.. I am not a rich person, thus I cannot give you dollars to purchase you, but the fate of this nation is not for sale.. What I will give you is my commitment, and service. For the past six years Nigeria has moved backward.. We are a nation afflicted by endless crisis. PDP cannot save us.. It is now time for change.. PDP government may say it needs more time and continuity, but what we need is change. To solve Nigeria’s problems. we need leadership with integrity and strength.. The next leader should not just mouth change but live it.. I own no foreign account or companies benefitting from government contracts.. I am what you see before you; a simple man who belief in serving Nigeria and God.. In the past I led a war against indiscipline. Today, I will lead a battle for hope.. You cannot trust the corrupt to end corruption. . Failure and incompetence does not deserve continuity.. Make no mistake as is always the case, for those who seek to bring change, it will not be easy.. I will govern Nigerian in accord with the constitution and rule of law.. I will tolerate no regional, religious or ethnic balance.. I will select the best Nigerians in my government.



Rabiu Kwankwanso’s speech

I congratulate the National Convention planning Committee for doing a good job. “The environment has been made so good to allow the delegates to vote for persons whether they collect money or not. In the next few minutes, voting will start and I belief the delegates will vote for the best aspirant to fly the flag of our party. From 2011, education has been free at all levels in kano state. The government is feeding children in all public schools, five times a week.. We have the most lighted city in Nigeria today.. Kano was able to establish IPP which produce 35MW for the city of Kano. With Kwankwaso as president, we will do whatever what it takes to move education forward. As a former Minister of Defence, I am wondering what is happening to our armed forces who were doing extremely well. Our administration will provide all that is needed to the armed forces to return its glory.. I will use my experienced relationship as a legislature to work harmoniously with the Legislature.. As a former governor, I will also work in harmony with all governors… Our administration will ensure the reduction of corruption. We have done it in Kano and I see no reason why we cannot do it at the centre… We will work hard to ensure peaceful co-existence and stop our citizens from becoming refugees in their own country and neighbouring nations.. Delegates should support the right candidate and I belief the right candidate is Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.


Sam Nda-Isaiah’s speech

APC has a divine responsibility to win the election next year. This is not the country you want your children to grow in. I want to tell you why I’m the best candidate. I fit the slogan of the party, which is change. I don’t think that there is a better candidate than me. Nigerian wants a new generation to step forward to lead the nation. I’m the only one with a clear plan. I’m the only one that have come with big ideas. That’s why I believe I’m the best. This country is too divided. And there is no country that is as divided as this country that can make progress. That’s why I want to come with big ideas.
Any leader that cannot secure its people has lost its right to lead. I’m going to achieve it as the person who takes the job of the commander-in-chief seriously. In this country, we still have soldiers who I believe are the best in the world. If they are well armed, Boko Haram would not be a match for them.
I’m talking of the kind of big ideas that would eliminate unemployment in the country, the kind of big ideas that if we call ourselves the biggest oil producer in the continent we would not be importing oil.


Rochas Okorocha’s speech

I am very happy to be part of this history making event. We are the last hope of Nigeria and today we must get it right. We formed APC believing that coming from our small parties, we stand a chance. We are here gathered for the love of our nation. We are here to provide for nigeria the much needed dividends of democracy. There is nothing wrong with the Head of State, but there can be something wrong with the State of the head. I celebrate General Muhammadu Buhari who is today 73 years old, and Atiku is today 68 years old and Kwankwaso who is 52 years old. Jonathan is 57, Barack Obama 53, Rochas Okorocha is only 52 years old. Nigeria of today is different than Nigeria of 1960s. I am here to sing a different song, that of unity. We are here to give Nigeria a good cheque; a good leader. I offer myself to offer service as the president of Nigeria. Political power can only be justified when use for the good of the common man. “My people, my people” When I say to Nigerians, I will make education free, Nigerians will believe me, because I have done it before. I am a child of poor parentage, I hate poverty and what it brings. Today destiny has brought to your shoulder to change the fate of this nation, you must do it well, not on the basis of sentiment. Vote for me and I assure you that the Nigerian Naira will be equal to the dollar. My people My people.

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