Are sleeping with dogs and faeces consumption sexual fixations?

Sexual harassment

You won’t believe it. A lot of Nigerians saw a news item on a faeces consumption session, and acted surprised, like that was actually a breaking news item. Even more interesting is the feigned expression of surprise at women sleeping with dogs.

Lets start with the first, using the word ‘fetish’ as point of discussion.

A fetish is, “an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression,” according to Merriam Webster.

Human beings indeed do the most and nothing should surprise anyone anymore. But please read on.

A few days ago, the story of a girl, told by herself, entered the social media space, when we were still discussing Elon Musk’s $44 billion Twitter takeover.

In her narration, she only wanted to provide sex work services, but the client had other plans that meant the sexual relations was going to be with a dog – man’s best friend?

Summarily, the money offered was too juicy to ignore. So, she took it and it happened more than once. But, there came the consequences that included vaginal infections. All the money she made from the sex work, she says, ended up with hospital bills.

Her story is a lesson but what about the men in the story?

The storyteller possibly had no knowledge that bestiality was existent. She also may not have known that those men cared less about what happened to her as long as they satisfied their sexual urges.

The other story is of a lady in a video who positioned her head to consume faeces. For this one, even a child will know that faeces is waste, so is harmful in many ways.

Here too, the story is that women would do anything to secure the bag but leave out the men who pass out a known harmful substance on the face of a fellow human being, with the possibility that the receiver consumes some of it.

It used to be that people kept in their sexual fixations, or fetishes, as mere fantasies. They never acted on it. But, gone are those days. It is the reincarnation of The Enlightenment era when people thought: no holds barred.

Foot fetish, role play, nylon fetish are some of the unharmful instances of sexual fixations, but there are harmful ones and these stories highlight them.

The men in the stories of the sex with a dog and that of faeces consumption are supposedly in that group of people who need to do harmful activities before they are sexually satisfied.

In the same vein as BDSM, the ‘victims’ or the women who won’t say no dance to the tunes of the fetish songs and usually do not care about themselves either, as long as money is the goal, go to unimaginable lengths.

We can lay the blame on one or the other, but let’s also begin to intentionally keep mental fantasies as mental fantasies and leave them in our heads.

Boring sex may be better after all.

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