Ayomikun Soyombo: Lupita Nyong’o of life (Poetry)

by Ayomikun Soyombo

Lupita Nyong'o                  

I have kissed the glory of Oscar. Mighty hearts have honoured me. I became a slave. To be crowned a queen

1. I was neither born a slave

   Nor as a queen

   Black was my skin

   And slim my frame

   I loved to smile

   I was born into the Luo ancestry

2. Mexico was my birth place

   Kenya my homestead

   I once walked the streets of Nairobi

   A little girl chasing my little dreams

   Acting flowed within my veins

   It at the end pushed me to Yale

3. In 12 Years A Slave

   I picked 500 pounds of cotton daily

   For a master who repeatedly raped me

   A master whose brutality lighted my path to fame

   The memoir was written in 1853

   In 2012 it drowned my reality

4. The world paused in awe

   As I cried in slavery

   My embittered voice made cinemas shudder in silence

   As an era of sadness was reawakened

   But then has slavery really ended in the world?

   Has slavery ended in Africa?

5. I have kissed the glory of Oscar

   Mighty hearts have honoured me

   I became a slave

   To be crowned a queen

   Victory, truly, never eludes the heart

   That keeps dreaming, that keeps fighting

6. You may be denied success in a season

   I urge you to never give in

   Bleak & lonely may be your path

   Still try not to give in

   Castles of gold are not built in a day

   Except in the fictitious worlds of magic

7. Dreams never die

   When we don’t let go of hope

   Hope stirs the heart

   Rousing strength to conquer distant lands

   Many more ‘Lupitas’ lurking in Afica’s womb

   Never sleep, never slumber, never give in!


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