Babalola Adeniyi: No love lost (30 Days, 30 Voices)

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This year, the new cool is marriage. 2013 and you’re not married? Something must be wrong.

In the quest for romance females often lose themselves, I mean proper loose themselves.

Every day I see Blackberry status’ say “I love my baby” “My boo is the best” “No one like my boo” and we all know these girls don’t have boos/baby’s/lovers anywhere. Heck some of them don’t even have a guy looking in their direction.

So why all these desperate efforts to show off a romance that does not exist you ask? Society!

Just about 2 years ago, it was so very uncool to not have a boyfriend. Even the ugliest girl at my work had a boyfriend, a boy we all had seen so we were sure she wasn’t making him up. A hot girl sees this and feels sad, thinking “What am I doing wrong?” And the next guy that comes around she pounces on him, holding on to him with a tight leash.

This year, the new cool is marriage. 2013 and you’re not married? Something must be wrong.

Okay, let’s even know this “Do you at least have a boyfriend?” The answer is no? Then just go and jump off a cliff because your life isn’t worth living anymore.

Because of this fact, some of my female friends have made up imaginary “boos” so as to save face with the hopes that by the time we catch up with them they’ll be a real guy in the picture. God bless their hustle.

But the part of this whole story that hurts the most is the girls of questionable characters. You know those girls in your secondary school that gave it up for even a piece of your Okin biscuits, the ones that half your class has had a piece of the cookie? I see you subconsciously listing them in your head. Those girls are either married, engaged or at least in a serious relationship now.

So after all your years of prudence these ladies are getting all the good guys for marriage? Life can be quite unfair.

If you are serious about this marriage business take the bull by the horn. Have you seen that guy that you want to propose to you? Walk up to him and tell him exactly how it is going down. If he’s a man he will step up (not the movie). I met this girl 3 days ago, no boyfriend in 2 years but she has said she is going to be married by December. Not engaged, married! Now that’s what I call determination.

I’ll leave you with this

“It is better to have loved and lost than to be stuck in Oshodi during rush-hour”


Adeniyi Babalola hates reading, writing, flying, swimming, listening music, drinking and driving but every other thing is good by him.


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