Over reaction? Biology teacher gets in trouble for saying the word ‘vagina’

He said “vagina“!!! EWWWWW.

That’s how some parents apparently reacted when a science teacher used the word “vagina” to describe, well, the vagina. I know. He was totally out of line, amiright? Whatever happened to giving our children a good education and using the proper term for a vagina, such as “fun muff,” “cooter,” “lady flower,” or “beef curtains”? What is wrong with our schools, I ask you??? Anyway, four parents who didn’t want their tenth graders listening to that nastyyyy word complained, and now the teacher, Tim McDaniel, is being reprimanded.

It all started in Idaho, when horribly misinformed biology teacher McDaniel was teaching science class, which apparently must contain some reproductive health information. (WHAT?!! Science is about fuzzy little creatures and like, um, chemicals in beakers and stuff, isn’t it?? OMG!!!)

McDaniel, who says he teaches “straight out of the textbook” (yeah, the textbook of SIN!), says he doesn’t mention any words that aren’t in the textbook. And the word VAGINA was in the textbook!!! OMG, this isn’t a textbook, it’s a porno magazine!!

Four parents were not only offended by this horrific description of the female genitalia (Women do not have genitalia!! They have pretty little flowers!!), but also the fact that McDaniel showed a video clip of herpes, taught different forms of birth control, and explained the orgasm. (The WHAT?! OMG, ladies do not have — ugh, I can’t even say that filthy word!)

So four parents complained — even though McDaniel has been teaching for 18 years without one complaint. Sheesh, who moved into town? The vagina police?

Additionally, all students are given the option of NOT taking the class if they might be offended by the material. Hmm. Something tells me the kids weren’t offended, but the idiotic parents were. And now McDaniel is refusing to sign a letter of reprimand, as well he should.

To parents who don’t like the word “vagina”: Please keep your kids out of school and teach them at home about “lady flowers” and “beaver” so the rest of the future generation can get a proper education.

Do you agree with these parents or disagree?

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  1. i disagree with them

  2. iii totaly disagree if u are nt inform u wil be deform

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