#BBNaija: Housemates go wild after the party, Bisola kisses TTT and Bally + more highlights

When we watch the Big Brother Naija reality show on Saturdays, we only just manage to pull through daytime. What we’re really concerned about is the Saturday night party and what goes down afterwards. A few bottles of Legend Extra Stout does a whole lot in the system and from history, these housemates have been known to go wild after Saturday night’s party. This is where the entertainment lies, for most.

Tonight was no different. After a day of surprises for the Payporte Arena games winner, TTT and his chosen reward partner, Efe…what surprises, you ask? Well, Biggie sent both housemates to the massage parlor for a proper body treatment and also sent a box of memories that contained photos from the #BBWedding two weeks ago.

Later in the day, the housemates also received their party outfits delivered by Payporte. Everything seemed set since they had already prepared the party room and had designed the accessories they would adorn themselves with.

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Fast forward to late night, Marvis and Efe spent time in bed talking about “nothings” and “everythings”, TTT also spent time being cute with Tboss while Bassey laid on the couch composing music. Biggie announced that the housemates had a few minutes left to progress to the party room.

DJ Crowd Kontroller was waiting in party room to lead the housemates through the night and let’s just say we had very high expectations considering how DJ Neptune left us all feeling last week. Did DJ CKontroller impress the housemates? We can tell by how wild they all went with their dancesteps. Marvis was totally out of control grinding on Efe and Bally, TTT the life of the party did not disappoint and Bisola gave the guys a good show with the way she whined, she and Bally also got cosy many times looking into each other’s eyes as they danced. We all know the one person who didn’t dance, right? Tboss.

Viewers have described how she shows up and nothing is more apt:


Biggie announced that the party was over and the housemates trooped back into the house. Then things went south…

TTT had had one too many drinks and he began to let out his intentions towards Bisola. Without mincing words, he said he would love to have sex with her without a condom and had us all like:

He went upstairs to the room, Bisola followed suit, they both kissed but we’re sure that’s where it ended. Many are of the opinion that he wanted more, if we’re to take his confessions seriously. But Bisola wasn’t having any of that. It looks a lot like she’s conveniently moved on from him. She even later spoke to Efe about how TTT seemed a confused man and why she didn’t want to be caught in his web.

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Meanwhile, Bally was also drunk in love so he sat to have a tete a tete with Bisola and he did not hesitate to profess his love for her. From what we see, his feelings for Bisola may be real, he looked like a man in love but what do we know?

Bally later vomited all over the place and Efe and Bisola again won hearts by cleaning up after him. It was such a messy night, really. Did we also mention that Bally and Bisola had a moment together? Yes, they kissed passionately and with this, viewers have named Bisola the MVP for kissing two men in one night.


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