#BBViral: What does it mean to have ‘Farouk-iosis’?

by Hauwa Gambo

This has gone viral via BlackBerries – enjoy it!

New dictionary words…
Farouk (Verb): To collect bribe and deny it, attributing evidence to video doctoring. Past tense: farouked.
Example: To farouk is human …

Farouker (Noun): A person who farouks. Example: The National Assembly is populated with faroukers.

Faroukee (Noun): A person who is farouked.
Example: The desperate contractor became a faroukee in order to win the business.

Faroukology (Noun): The study of bribe collection and denial of obvious evidence.
Example: The politician has a degree in Faroukology from the University of Corruption.

Faroukracy (Noun): Government of bribery, by the bribe givers for the bribe takers.
Example: Our nation has been practicing faroukracy from independence.

Faroukism (Noun): The political ideology of bribery, corruption and cover ups.
Example: EFCC has prosecuted many advocates of faroukism.

Faroukiosis (Noun): A chronic disorder of bribery taking and denial.
Example: The doctor diagnosed the young politician of acute faroukiosis.

Faroukish (Adjective): having the appearance of, or relating to bribery and denial.
Example: Results of the investigation appear really faroukish.

Faroukistically (Adverb): Carried out or done in a way that suggests a farouk. Example: The lawmakers carried on faroukistically.

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  1. pardon me, but I had to laugh @ that.

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