How Ben Carson’s supporters reacted to his endorsement of Donald Trump

Following Ben Carson’s surprising endorsement of Republican party presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, several of his supporters have reacted to the endorsement in diverse ways.

Carson, who is a retired neurosurgeon and a globally acclaimed author, made an attempt for the Republican nomination before dropping out from the race.

After the endorsement was made known, supporters of Carson took to social media to express their opinion.

The opinions expressed were mixed, with some saying that Carson’s endorsement of Trump was a betrayal and a let down, while others praised the move as a courageous and positive move.

Vicky Sanders, who lives in Bourbon, Indiana, wrote that: “I’m absolutely heartbroken that you have chosen this path! It destroys everything I believed about you.”

Towing the same betrayal and anger path as Sanders, Lori Nea Trybus stated that she “could not be more disappointed in you Dr. Carson. You are not the person I thought you were. I feel misled and betrayed by you. I thought you had an unwavering moral compass, but your support of Donald Trump proves that you do not.”

Kevin White, a senior pastor at First Baptist Church, Mulberry, Alkansas, expressed a religious outrage at the endorsement, saying that “Can’t believe you chose to support the one candidate who mocks God and is definitely not a Christian. Very disappointed in you and have lost much respect.”

“No no no no no! Please Dr. Carson no! He has made a mockery of all you fought so hard for. I am beyond shocked and disappointed that you would stoop to endorse that wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing. I am so disheartened by this. You didn’t have to endorse anybody, let alone him” ,Debi Sweet writes.

In a similar vein, Rob Patton wrote that: “Wow! Dr Carson I am, have been and will continue to be a supporter of yours. Unfortunately this endorsement is surprising and I can not support you in this. “You are a great man, a man that I was praying would be our next president, but God has other plans and we must trust him and trust he is leading us down the right path. But sir, Donald Trump is a disaster for our country. God bless you Dr Carson.”

It wasn’t all disappointment and condemnations, as several individuals applauded the move by Carson, which many, like Angela Pink, described as a move to keep “us united against progressive democrats and establishment big-government republican elites.”

Thank you Dr. Carson,” Sondra Jankowski said, “You are a wonderful man and your statement here is proof of that. You can help bring your ideals to the Trump campaign and that is refreshing! God bless you sir for your candor.”

Tennessee based Bonnie Scott, in a tone that tangles between hopelessness and optimism, stated that: “I still trust you and believe that this endorsement didn’t come without much prayer and thought. I will cast my ballot for him if that is what the occasion brings. I definitely will not cower in a corner, lose the right that came with a high cost for me to vote and sit at home.”

Writing on the endorsement, Steve Moore said: “Thank you Ben for the support of Mr. Trump. I agree with everything you said. We won’t agree with everything everyone says, we all have differing opinions on various things, but with 2 men such as you and Mr. Trump, you have the wisdom to know what is going on in the real-world of Washington. Thank you for your support.”

Excellent move, Dr. Carson. You’re right in doing so. I’m also glad that you are a true man of faith and have it within you to forgive the past and stand behind our party’s front-runner, Mr. Trump. I’m excited to see your continued involvement with our election,” writes Paul McCoy

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