Boko Haram establish Sharia law in Mubi

by James Sambo

Days after overunning Mubi, militants of Islamic terrorist sect, Boko Haram, have established Sharia law in the town.

The terrorists are believed to have amputated the hands of 10 residents who were found guilty of various offences, as sources in the town say they saw the insurgents parading 10 persons whose hands had been chopped off.

The victims were reportedly amputated in the presence of the locals, who the insurgents asked to gather to witness the enforcement of Sharia law.

According to an eye witness account, a couple of Imams were dragged out from a mosque and beheaded for allegedly preaching against Boko Haram.

Further still, the Boko Haram insurgents were said to have advised Christians residents in Mubi to relocate to other areas , unless they were prepared to be islamised or be killed.

The insurgents hoisted their flags in the palace of the Emir of Mubi, to show that they were in control of the palace and the town.

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  1. Could someone pls tell me what’s going on in this country. Where are the countries military, were are the weapons the federal gov said the military would use to fight this Boko people, were are the foreign experts the gov said would rescue our girls. Are the military hiding in their barracks or have the foreign experts disappear into tin air. Have the money being used by our ambitious politician to campaign. U know what it is high time they tell the truth .

  2. It’s a shame,Nigeria d highest black populous nation in d world,and d giant of africa (so d say).we r endowed wit natural n human resources dat would av make us among d world powers; reverse is d case today; moreova,dia’s freedom of religion in Nigeria! Why imposin unneccessarily.O! d fathers have fought;but d children has forgotin.#peace#

  3. Nigeria hv gone, ad pple ar stel askin pple to vote 4 dis madman Jona

  4. na so the nija turn to? nigerian leaders should pls wake up b4 we all die finished.

  5. I don’t believe in dis jack n bull story,it doesn’t sound logical dat BH will surround an area where we’ve military and even locals and foist their flag,amputate our people,its illogical.I can recall wot happened some few months ago in Enugu where a group alleged to b Biafra Liberation Forum(BLF) where arrested by d NIGERIAN POLICE for trying to foist their flag and take over Enugu govt house.If the Nigerian police can stop such how much more of a combined team of our security agencies,so dis Boko haram take over dis,do dis n dat is a story for d gods.The authorities jst dnt want to end Boko haram, period.

  6. Nigeria is in a very great danger not because of boko haram but because of the kind of soldiers Nigeria have now, before they claim not well equiped,now what is responsible for this cawardish act, during Nigeria civil war,Biarans with dengun and marchet never run aways from better armed Nigeria soldiers.Is it not a shame that Nigeria soldiers are runing away for boko haram. Amputating and beheading people by boko haram is to tell the world that they are incharge, did these soldiers go yhrough training atall? Do they know what it means to be a soldier. Our neibours have realy seen our weakness,is very unfortunate. I weep for Nigeria and is good that the north is the first to tow the path of disintigration and seperation.

  7. Pls what our government are doing until we all die before they do something?
    And theybusy campaigning wen we all die who is going to vote for them? God will judge us ooo.

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