Buhari is seeking another round of loans, but isn’t Nigeria already in too much debt?

General Muhammadu Buhari

We can’t assume that being President of a country would pose an easy task. Of course this goes without saying, however we are reminded everyday of how seemingly impossible the task looks, especially when you have a President with a habit of keeping to himself. The President of a nation is expected to shoulder the weight of the country and all its economic structures on his or her shoulders, and of course there is the general misconception that the President’s job description is to make sure that each and every single one of the country citizens is happy. This is what makes ruling difficult, the many expectations millions of people have of you. This is perhaps the reason why there is hardly any country whose President, regardless of how good the economy might seem, does not suffer heavy and sometimes violent opposition not even Nigeria’s Buhari.

Nigerians however feel robbed of even the barest minimum. Nigerians on Twitter not only feel that they have been cursed with a President who falls distressingly short of expectation, but a President who also refuses to say anything about it.

For Nigerians the major source of frustration is not the fact that the President made a bunch of promises during his Presidential campaign which he has failed to keep, but the fact that no matter how bad things are, he almost always refuses to let us know why.

So it comes as no surprise these days to come on Twitter to see President Muhammadu Buhari trending. You simply jump on the trend or ignore it, because this is a trend you are sure you to see again.

Today the discussion surrounding the President on social  media is one which if not addressed early could have a dreaded economic repercussion on the future generation, and this issue is the issue of the nations increasing debt.

Reno Omkri, lawyer and former aide to the ex President; Goodluck Jonathan, really put things into context when he let out a tweet;

Since then Nigerians on Twitter have been perplexed as to just why the President has a need to continually increase the country’s national debt, and why he has failed to release a comprehensive report of how these borrowed money is being spent.

Of course this trend was also used to call out the President’s inaction towards the killings in Southern Kaduna, which also trended today


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