Canadian actor dies after undergoing 12 plastic surgeries to look like BTS’ Jimin

Saint Von Colucci, a Canadian actor who had 12 cosmetic procedures to make him appear like BTS’s Jimin, has passed away at the age of 22. According to current reports, he passed away on Sunday in a hospital in South Korea due to complications after a recent operation.

Apparently in 2019, Saint Von left Canada for South Korea in pursuit of a music career.

The actor got jaw implants in November of last year, and on April 22 of this year, he had surgery to have them removed. However, he became infected after the operation and required intubation. After a few hours, he passed away.

Saint Von spent $220,000 in the past year on 12 cosmetic procedures, including a nose job, facelift, eyebrow lift, eye lift, and lip reduction.

On Monday, Eric Blake, his publicist, told Daily Mail, “It is very tragic and very unfortunate.” He had a severe case of appearance insecurity. A lot of Asians have a V-shaped face, but he didn’t like the contour of his jaw and chin, which were very square. He suffered from severe facial insecurity. He had a hard time finding work in South Korea due to his Western appearance and experienced a lot of discrimination.

According to the article, Saint Von’s accommodation, transportation, and living expenses were all covered by a company after he arrived in South Korea in 2019. Eric stated that he had a seven-year agreement with him. “He was very very excited and worked really hard,” Eric continued.

The actor had the procedures done so he could play BTS’s Jimin on a US streaming service, according to the Daily Mail.

St. Von began filming the Korean drama Pretty Lies in June of last year, and by December, they had wrapped up production. One of the leads, an exchange student from another country, was played by him. Eight episodes, according to Eric, will premiere on a big US streaming network in the month of October.

Before his appearance was altered, Saint Von had dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He stood about 2 meters tall and weighed 182 kilos.


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