Charly Boy: NASS, can we get to the root of the matter?

by Charly Boy

Yesterday as I was lazing around trying to plan my coming week, my comrade friend

Uche dropped by to visit. And the first thing he greeted me with was, “Fada I don tire, which kain country be this? See how my people mumu reach?”

I reminded Uche the essence of OurMumuDonDo campaign- that it was to try to build a new normal; an army of youths, one that will prepare if only 200 people – who will be willing and ready to pay the ultimate price on behalf of the mumurised Nigerians to stand face-to-face to destroy this our useless system wey dey sustain this kin destructive and devilish character wey people in leadership dey display for us.

Like say we no understand der game. Imagine!!!

On whether Customs Comptroller General, Hameed Ali should wear uniform or not; I have said in my previous article that this is as much an unnecessary distraction as it is an unnecessary niggling. So, instead of Sinators flexing their muscles over the wearing of uniform, they should focus on the reason why they summoned him. I and my fellow frustrated Nigerians are waiting to see whether the senate will disapprove or support Hameed Ali’s proposed policy on customs duty for all vehicles within the country.

Some of these our useless politicians never know how far dem don already buy market. They, as usual, have no idea of what is coming, because dem go take their eyes see say death will be what no longer fears the coalition of crazed, vexed, frustrated, angry, hungry and defiantly aggressive Nigerian youths. Because he who is already down fears no fall. Na weytin.

My people for National Assembly, make una shut up der.

My mumu don do long time ago.

Many of una no get head, una be the real saboteurs. Una no like Nigeria, Na una pocket important pass. If una like make una dey peddle una continuous misinformation and eternal miseducation. If to say my people no mumu, riffraffs like some of una no suppose to smell the office.

Who una dey deceive, who una wan confuse?

Abegi, my fellow frustrated Nigerians, follow me ask some of these useless people some questions:

The Maina Pension Scam wey Abdulrasheed Maina pocket N195billion of pensioners money, weytin una do am? Even my papa, late justice Oputa as e work for Nigeria reach, e no collect him pension for 10months before him die along with millions of aged nigerians who died waiting for their pension wey only one man chop. Weytin happen for the matter? Wasn’t it the matter wey one Aloysius Etuk a former house member was alleged to have collected a bribe of N3 billion. What was the end result of that investigation? Nothing, nothing.

How about the kerosine subsidy scam? I observed the feeble attempt to get to the root of the matter. Once again, The National Assembly failed to indict anyone and did not take concrete steps to resolve the matter. No official of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the petroleum ministry have been sanctioned over the matter. We know money has exchanged hands as usual.

Na how many I wan talk?

Oya, how far for Stella Oduah matter? Chop and clean mouth.

The Missing N20billion Naira oil money: Chop and clean mouth.

$15million private jet/arms scandal nko? Chop and clean mouth.

Abba Morro Immigration Scandal: how far?

How about una brother, Farouk Lawan: House of Representatives member who was caught on tape collecting $620,000 out of a $3million bribe while his committee investigated the fuel subsidy scam. He was seen collecting the money from oil mogul, Femi Otedola.

The House of Representative referred the bribery allegation to its committee on ethics but no report has been issued till date.

All of these were matters you guys were suppose to investigate and sanction the guilty ones, what became of them? Nothing. Because most of you compromised.

Now you want us to believe that you are justified with frustrating Magu’s job at EFCC?

E no go work. God must punish bad people.

We are aware that one of the ex-governor who is a powerful Sinator, thanks to the stolen billions, is uncomfortable with Magu because he is being investigated.

We know that there are probes in  progress by EFCC into the Paris Club Funds scandal implicating some governors who are owing workers in their states up to 10 months salary after collecting billions of the bailout funds. Some of them no be APC party members? My people, could you believe that only one Sinator get about 40 choice properties for Dubai? So tell me why dem no go fight and rubbish Magu.

Mugu cannot be a saint. I the AREAFADA no be saint. But we no go sidon see some people wey dey try small for Nigeria and we no go clap for dem. So most of you people for National Assembly make una shut de f_kup. We know what’s up. You can deceive some people some of the time but you can’t deceive all the people all the time.

God punish wicked people. Magu dey do him work, make una do una work, Abegi..



Charly Boy (Areafada)


All Frustrated Nigerians.

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