[The Church Blog] Olowogbogboro – The Song drops on Tuesday

The Hallelujah Challenge is wrapping up fast as the end of the month draws near but not without the release of the much awaited Olowogbogboro song. This announcement was made recently by Nathaniel Bassey on his Instagram page and was welcomed with so much joy.

The word [Olowogbogboro] which came as a divinely inspired word, a few days into the Hallelujah Challenge grew into becoming one of the major buzz words from the worship session. A few weeks ago, the convener, Nathaniel Bassey announced that the writing and recording of the Olowogbogboro song had started hence, we should keep our fingers crossed.

And we did just that.

We can finally free our fingers because he has promised to release the song on Tuesday, 27th June 2017. This is really unique because its release is just a day to the Hallelujah festival. So, we can expect this song to be one of the major choruses at the festival gathering on Saturday.

The song features Nathaniel Bassey and Wale Adenuga and in the words of Nathaniel, The song na fire!

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