Church Crawler: The hymn party and my disappointment | Sunday at Regina Mundi Catholic Church

by Damilola Fowowe

This Sunday, Church crawler in our usual manner took shop to Regina Mundi Catholic Church, Lagos. We couldn’t storm the service as we normally do because we figured things are done in a more orderly manner here.

Apparently, there’s a far distinction from the Pentecostal way of worship. But you can trust us to quickly adapt to the style. No loud prayers said in high pitched voices, no excessive dancing and all. We missed the sound of a drum or the quick-paced service of a Pentecostal church. But be it as it may, the service was enjoyable.

There was no rush yet we finished on time. It was like the service was been conducted by an unseen hand whose second name was timeliness. Everyone just knew his part. When to begin and when to end. The spirit didn’t take people overboard where you’ve to start giving them little notes indicating how much time they had left. Even the thanksgiving people danced and rejoiced with a consciousness of the time allotted to them. Everything just seemed to move at a slow but definite pace.

The choir sang with the coordination needed for a group to be called a choir. There was no lead singer trying to out-do the choir or duets trying to take each other on. The Choir sang as one and it made it enjoyable. Even though we sang more hymns today than I can recall in my life, the choir made it a not to forget experience. The baritone especially made my day. I still hear his voice as I pen this down. Though, I noticed we sang a hymn or more appropriately hymns for everything. Communion, thanksgiving, offering, sermon, every aspect of the service didn’t want to be left out in the hymn party.

Most parts of the service I was lost in the sea of terms that Catholics use, but I’ve now made it one of my New Year resolutions to go and improve on my catholic and Latin vocabulary. Though my willing neighbor tried his best as much as possible to explain but I just figured I would need like three days of tutoring to rack up all the details.

Today’s service centered on thanksgiving. Judging from how last year went and the whole economic downturn, you might not exactly feel upbeat on thanking God. But Father said there are more than enough reasons to thank God. Even though the whole situation seems bleak, the gift of life is even more than enough to thank God.

You know it’s only a person living that thinks about recession. So no matter what you are going through or facing, there are still reasons to give thanks to God. So don’t despair, rather be optimistic and full of faith for this New Year.

The only part that pained me in the service was that there was no first timer package. I always look forward to that but I would keep my disappointment to myself. Call me any name you want but that’s your business.Every man with his own intent and purpose. Moreover, when I saw people bringing cartoons of juice, tubers of yam and other assortments for thanksgiving, I was hoping to partake in the feast as only Father cannot finish all this.

But let’s just say the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut short. So I decree to the next church I attend, my expectation won’t be cut short.  Till then, Church Crawler might just crawl into your Church.

Better be prepared, “for the hour cometh…”

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