Can Tacha use her Titans to create real change or do they only stand behind her online?


A Nigeria where Nigerians can honestly say that we demanded and the government responded, would be the closest thing to a utopia as we can get. But as we’ve seen in the past, this is an almost unattainable feat, and the response by the Inspector General of Police to the cries of the victims of police brutality reminded us of this fact.

Many Nigerians have one negative story or the other to tell about the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad,  FSARS, the very people assigned to protect life and property, and it has got to a tipping point.

While the IGP did take proactive steps in containing what sometimes looks to be an illegal outfit, characterised by corrupt and violent practices, he didn’t still meet the demands of the people, which advocated for the complete prohibition of FSARS, and not merely banning some its operations.

Nigerian youth don’t want reform for this ‘special unit’, they simply want FSARS completely disengaged. The very idea of retaining this mischievous faction, albeit with strict restrictions still constitutes some anxiety fueled by the post-traumatic stress disorder; their many villainous actions has induced.

This is what led to the #EndSARS protest that came to full effect today and it was a point which former reality TV star, Anita Natasha Akidi known as Tacha, emphasized.

An impressive number of celebrities came out today to add their voices to the protest. They spoke for all Nigerians as they demanded the end of FSARS.

Their actions were symbolic of what a united Nigeria can accomplish and flipped the narrative that Nigerians of nowadays only protest behind a keypad.

But like the singer, Falz mentioned, the protest is not going to seize until the demand to end FSARS comes to fruition.

The Nigerian police department has been put under heavy pressure and if they don’t act fast, they could be dealing with a more emphatic and a far more fanatic crowd from now on.

Tacha came out to lend her voice to the cause, and the ever Twitter trending superstar jumped to the top of Twitter trends again.

It would be interesting to see how such an overzealous fanbase would impact the protest on Tuesday if the government doesn’t listen.

In a video Tacha made, she reiterated that FSARS should be decommissioned, and not reformed and she noted that she would come out on Tuesday again if this demand is not met.

This could be pivotal, knowing just how passionate her fans can get. In all honesty, if her fans stand by her on Tuesday during the protest as intensely as they stand behind her online, we could be looking at a protest with rippling effects.

We do hope the government listens to the people so it doesn’t come to that, but it would be wonderful to see Tacha mobilising her Titans for a worthy cause.

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