Dear Empress Njamah, please shut up if you have nothing reasonable to say about domestic violence

by Tolu O.


There’s absolutely no way to go about this article without coming across to Empress Njamah as a hater, when in fact, its sole purpose is to take her through school.

Nollywood actress, former Nollywood actress turned struggling celebrity, Empress Njamah was recently privileged to grant an interview with Broadway TV – the same media outfit responsible for bringing us an exclusive interview with Mercy Aigbe in the wake of her troubled marriage (since that was a big break for the channel in terms of YouTube views, why not sit on this domestic violence topic?!)

It’s not clear what the question that was posed to Empress Njamah was but for someone who initially mumbled words that connote frustration and slight irritation at the topic being raised, it may have been wise to steer clear. Maybe say a few words to address the situation rather than go on a futile, 3-minute rant.

So, Empress Njamah went on to ask whoever had the mic in her face, “A man hits a woman, it’s called domestic violence; a woman hits a man, what is that called?“.

Since we promised school and nothing more, we’ll just go on and provide her an answer to that complex question: Domestic Violence. A simple, easy-to-grasp definition describes the expression as “a violent confrontation between family or household members involving physical harm, sexual assault, or fear of physical harm“.

Still difficult to comprehend? Here’s further clarification: “Domestic violence occurs between family or household members include spouses / former spouses, those in (or formerly in) a dating relationship, adults related by blood or marriage, and those who have a biological or legal parent-child relationship“.

Empress Njamah went on to fetch further from the depth of her ignorant mind to say that when the domestic violence conversation arises, society tends to make it more about women whereas there are men who are “more beaten up mentally than the women who are beaten up physically“. That’s a fact, only that it’s incorrect.

We completely understand and acknowledge that the topic of domestic violence tends to favour women as they are mostly assumed to be the only victims when in fact, domestic violence against men exists and remains largely under-reported. But to claim that there are more men who are beaten up mentally because they have “headstrong” wives is incorrect. And to make such claims at this extremely sensitive time when we’ve had to deal with major cases of domestic violence against women, one of which led to the death of the victim (Karabo Mokoena) in the most horrid circumstance , is foolish. This is the point where we fling out politeness and ask Empress Njamah to STFU!!!

[Read about domestic violence against men here]

When relaying an opinion that counters a burning debate – domestic violence in this case – it takes only a tinge of common sense to know that you wade into such highly controversial waters with caution. Empress claims to be in the same industry as Mercy Aigbe whose husband allegedly battered to the point where it will take a surgery for her to see properly (according to her claims), but Empress doesn’t know that downplaying the situation and blaming “headstrong wives” sends a wrong message. Empress also does not know that she’s now taken an anti-women stance and will, from now, be seen as a domestic violence apologist.

Empress then finished up with men are babies and should be treated like babies, then also makes an excuse for the ones “who go out to seek comfort in the arms of second wives who pamper them and treat them like babies“. What a waste!

We’re glad this interview isn’t viral lest more people are subjected to this absurdity.


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  1. All she’s trying to say is, women should learn to have deep respect for there husband for this will reduce domestic violence. Some women who are tired of the marriage will come under the guise of domestic violence to end there marriage because they know it is well spoken of against

  2. Ynaija you guys are dere you tell Empress to shot up? if you know the lifes she is affecting possitively you will respect her. i just stoped following you guys.#stopfollowngynaija

  3. YNaija! Why are you telling empress Njamah to shut up? Is her comments out of place? There are always 2 sides to a coin. Dont be one sided in ur opinions.

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