It’s deeper than you think – Read what Osun APC is saying to Igbos about Oba Akiolu

by Kolapo Olapoju

At a time when conversation is at its peak and tribal tensions at a fever-pitch over the threats uttered by the Oba of Lagos against the Igbos; a period when everyone seems to be going ballistic about the ‘perish in the lagoon’ threat,- APC is saying that, you’re all overreacting.

The Osun state chapter of the All Progressives Congress, suggests that people should always see beyond the surface, whenever a Yoruba monarch speaks.

In essence, the party has implored Igbos against taking the words of the Oba of Lagos literally, saying they will have to think deep to understand the meaning of the comments.

Osun APC made this known through its Director of Research and Publicity, Mr Kunle Oyatomi.

“Let it be said that the title of all our Obas is Kabiyesi. The meaning is that our Obas are mythical. Whenever they say anything, nobody can challenge it. We have heard what they have said and with due reference to democracy, and the culture, we do not in anyway challenge the right of any individual or group to their right to their opinions.”

“And it is the same right the Oba has to express himself. Nobody must interpret his statements literally because he knows and we all know that nobody has the power of life and death outside God and our laws. To fully understand him, what Oba Akiolu said is that nobody can come to our land, offend our institutions, traditions and our culture and go free.”

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  1. It is quiet unfortunate dat d so called oba doesn’t have manner of approach, Lagos state is own by Federer and not oba. And as a citizen of Nigeria u hv ur own right to make choice of who will be ur governor. I ask dis question, is threatening part of culture in Yoruba land? For those who said no body has right to question d culture of Yoruba land. And dat no body questions d kabiyesi when he speaks. To hell with u, this oba of a thing suppose to face panel in the right sense for uttering such word. Nonsense what do u take igbos for in dis country? Are we slaves, dis country and states is being own by every body so be warned. Arrant nonsense mtchwwwww.

  2. The igbos are waiting for oba of lagos to come and throw them in the lagoon as he planed…hmm

  3. None of the south east or south south can allow any tribe to be an ordinary class captain in their primary or secondary school talk less of owing political appointment. We yorubas are too soft, even in any of the northern state, no igbo man or woman can try it there! Well time would soon come when we will understand what OBA Akin Olu is trying to bring out.

  4. I will advice the igbos to trend with caution, the way they are taking the monarch issue could lead to what people don’t except. What you don’t take in ur land, do give other in their land.

  5. The oba is right… Lagosian have even give this igbos too much room to challenge them, can anyone try n even contest in south south other than igbos? Plus this is not an issue that worth raising alarm for…

  6. Kunle Oyatomi, you are right on the mark. The Oba’s statement is a product of well-articulated and long-planned treaty between the Yoruba ruling houses and the Arewa to exterminate Ndigbo from Nigeria. It should not be taken literally because a baby Kabiyesi has spoken. And very soon the war drums will roll. It is the same deep metaphorical and mythical speeches that heralded the ‘weetie’ days. If Ndigbo refuses after many painful loses to learn that they are undesired, unwanted, and highly envied by the duo, then nothing short of ‘aro’ is the explanation for their heavy investment and fruitless belief in a one united Nigeria. The parrot has spoken.

    1. What a victims mentality!

  7. So by voting for a candidate of your choice that is also a subject of the Oba you have offended the institutions of the land? Is he the Oba of APC or the Oba of all Lagos Yorubas? Such a partisan remark is not suppose to come out of his mouth even in error.

    1. One thing I know, the oba of lagos doesn’t own APC, all the effort put in by Tinubu wants to be pulled down by one king, its not the oba that own lagos, it belong to the federal government, they use to say the Housa where tribalistic, yoruba’s r woste or does the yoruba think they alone own APC, they should go and lock up that oba in jail. Abachia removed a monarch in the North, so don’t think the federal govenment can not remove the so called oba

  8. Can anyone please tell us what Kunle Oyatomi has said that warrants it making news. When something gravely serious has happened, something affecting the fabric of the nation, only serious minded people with sensible points should dabble into the matter. This is not an issue that warrants playing with words just to have said something.

  9. Why are they afraid of AGBAJE, why are we rejecting CHANGE In LAGOS

  10. You guys must be slow if you actually watched that video and this explanation is the best you could come up with.

  11. Bunch of Liars.Someone was in government,stepped down before the result is announced,you are not yet there and you are threatening people.Lagoon would not be enough,add fire.

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