Didi’s Way: My prayer for Nigeria

by Ndidi Ekeh

As I lay on my bed listening to the evening news on radio, I couldn’t help my mind suddenly drift a million miles away. I found myself thinking of what the future holds for me in a country like Nigeria, I was too scared to think of what it might be for my unborn child.

This is our country, we can call her God’s own country for all I care, we can call her the most blessed country….seriously I’m indifferent.

This is my beloved country, a country where the government is completely clueless as to what priorities they should have or what issues need to be addressed. My beloved country, where corruption is the order of the day-you are even called stupid when you voice your opinion against it. “After all, “who no wan chop from our national cake?”

I say a prayer for our loved ones who had breathed their last on the high ways of death we call roads.

I may sound tactless, but it’s the truth, as it was said in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ – “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”. Sadly, so does the Nigerian dream..

Still as I remain in my bed, so many other thoughts creep into my mind and I say a prayer for myself and the multitude of half-baked graduates that are being spewed out of our so called universities, I say a prayer for the countless number of people butchered by the Boko Haramists, the souls that have been lost in the various ethnic wars here and there, I say a prayer for our loved ones who had breathed their last on the high ways of death we call roads.

I say a short prayer for every common man like myself, who are being subjected to the many hardship we are forced to endure and I quickly whisper to God to make me among the ones who is –‘more equal.’

Yes, it is a selfish prayer. But seriously, am I supposed to pray to be on the average?

So as I lie on my bed tonight, I ask God for just one thing Nigerians have always hoped for; A better Nigeria! One we can all be proud of.

A Nigeria where we have leaders with a sense of purpose and who know how to prioritize issues, a government that is concerned about its citizen’s predicament, a government with sustainable development, employment opportunities, power supply, a government that understands it’s failures and is ready to take action steps in the right direction.

A better Nigeria… where my (our) children can grow up and play in the streets in Bornu without the fear of Boko Haram, where our youth can attend the university without adding extra years to their courses, where our graduates are recipients of quality education, where we no longer have to chant in unison “Up NEPA!”, a country where we are not scared for having a clueless president saddled with confused and corrupt governors, senators and representatives.

A Nigeria where we can almost all -be equal.


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  1. lovely piece

  2. Nyc one didi… Pray we become among the "more equals"

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail