In itself, masturbation is not a sin against God; it’s just like playing football – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

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by Chi Ibe

In a television broadcast of Pastor Chris Live, a viewer from Ghana sent in a question asking how one can overcome masturbation.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome kept his cool and tackled the questions head on – even though his answer must have got a good number of viewers going OMG!

“The reason you want to stop this is because of what you think it is,” he says. “You think there’s something wrong with this. Get this straight, in itself it is not a sin against God but satan uses it to oppress our minds to make us feel ineffective and inefficient in the things of God. God has got nothing to do with it, he is not offended by it unless it takes a hold of your mind.”

Pastor Chris likens masturbation to playing football. It’s a habit, he says, and if you want to stop it, replace it with another habit.

Ok, so certainly, this must come as a relief to many!

You can see the video here – and you can say whether you agree with Pastor Chris in the comment box below!

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  1. Masturbation Is A Sin

  2. Comment:I need a scriptures that can help me to know the contuary aspect of masturbation in the bible to learn more.if pastor Chris says masturbation is not a sin I dnt think that is true why” because after conducted the act u feel something has left u and u urself as the practitioner will know that it’s not good masturbation is brother to homosexuality,if masturbation is not a sin then why God create woman to help man an command us to marry

  3. The devil really plays on our ignorance… Masturbation ‘in itself’ is a sin… By masturbating you are satisfying the desire of the flesh… Even if you are thinking about heaven while masturbating (which aiint possible), the act of masturbating itself is a sin period…

  4. mastobeting is de forn of ungodlines.apostle paul said if u cant control ur self mary he didnt say mastobet.morova,if u want 2be christ like u hav 2 leave ur live acordin 2de patan he lay down 4us christians.there is a way dat semed right 2a man but de end there of is destruction.

  5. I believe Masturbatn IN ITSELF isnt a sin buh D MOTIVE d case of fertility test wer a man's sperm is required 4 sperm count test.wat doz he do?is it a sin..?let us live d non essentials.Pursue God,Live Right,Win Souls. D End is Near

  6. It's a pity that one person has misunderstood Pastor Chris and now the majority are misled by the Devil.People need to carefully listen the whole Pastor Chris's reponse.He did not say what people are now saying.People are really twisted by the devil.They have ears but they don't hear.

  7. Is Sex a sin? If it is then masturbation is a sin. But if it is not then masturbation is NOT a sin. QED.

    What is confusing about this? Its as simple and straight-forward as possible. If Sex is – even conditionally – permissible, then masturbation (self-sex as some have called it) is permissible.

    The man knows what he is talking about and he is obviously more knowledgeable than all of you here.

  8. This is one of the reason why I hate all these new generation and mushroom churches, they make poeple of God go astray,how can a man of God say that masturbation is not a sin!aint it crazy…because you are more like smone having sex,is when you hv sex in mind that's why you can masturbate! And on doing so,you are more like having a real sex…….this believe is so bad and fake,I ca neva join miracle happening ministries,because they can lead me to hell. God forbid.

  9. Masturbation is a sin oooooooo.

  10. Masturbation is a sin. It s only wen ur conscienz s dead dt u can say it s nt a sin. We need 2 ask for God's 4give n 4 Him 2 open our hearts to rily undastnd His word cos if we re livin by d dictates of His Spirit, He wil direct our thoughts n purify our hearts of al lustful thoughts ncludin masturbatn. If u ve eva bn guilty of it, or u ve sme1 close 2 u dt s, then u dnt need 2 ask cos it RILY is.

  11. Masturbation is sin because God did not design sex to be a solitary experience. it is supposed to be shared with another, and only in marriage. Pastor Chris where is your self control?, why did you marry. am beginning to suspect your membership of church of satan. I now also understand that your don't study your bible at all. Go and study the book of Deuteronomy 25:5 down, Prov 6:27, Eph 5:3-13, 1 John 2:16, Galatian 5: 19 -21. Take heed Pastor Chris.

  12. Pls y aa we decievin ourselves.hw can u c a goat n call it a lion.u aa in d best positon 2 tell urself d truth

  13. Hmm! Xtianii ma sora! Lord, tame our tounges so that out of our mouths shall proceed the right words…

  14. Sex is not a sin. It only depends on when and who you are having the sex with. When someone has sex after marriage, what desire are you satisfying? flesh or what? Most of you are immature in the things of God to discuss this issue.

  15. Masturbation in itself is not a sin. masturbation is, without a doubt, sinful is when it is accompanied by the use of pornography, filthy music, or even mental fantasies of women other than the spouse. If anyone sees masturbation as defeating and unclean,you had better stop it and repent. if you are not guilty of the act, it cant be imputed on you as a sin. Romans 14:14 say: I know, and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself: but to him that esteemeth any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean.

  16. God 4give dem because dey dont know wat dey are saying. A man of God can nt deceive his followers. Believe it or nt. God knows best.

  17. I believe that our conscience is the moral laws instilled into us by God….that is why we can tell good from bad….I have never heard of anyone that doesn't get a conscience taunt whenever he/she masturbates. if your conscience would judge you for masturbating, why would you then say its right??? trying to find a way to justify our actions is one thing the devil will never fail to produce….

  18. Masturbation is a sin. Its a kind of oral sex, therefore its a sin.

    1. "Its a kind of oral sex…" Really???

  19. The big question (on my mind) is can CHRIST JESUS, Saint Paul etc ever masturbate? If "yes", why? If "no", why? In any case/answer, case dismissed!

  20. The Pastor's explanation should be well understood. He said that Masturbation "IN ITSELF" is not sin against God. Now listen; "SEX" "IN ITSELF" is not sin against God, do you agree with that. It will definitely be difficult for most people to understand and agree with this but he is right. it' indeed a higher truth but nothing less.

  21. I aint touching this one with a 10 foot pole!

  22. The Bible did not also expressly say taking cocaine is a sin abi? So according to Pastor Chris's analogy, it is not. Likewise smoking weed. And many many other things. The floodgate has been opened. People are now free to do as they please! Whoohoo!! Way to go Pastor Chris!!!

    1. Wisdom is profitable to direct!!! Just cos the bible does not mention it does not mean its right for you, taking the bible in context, cocaine, weed etc as we know it today was not been used back then. It is wise to look at the consequences of these habits, drugs destroy lives, it might take a while but it eventually catches up with you, I am a healthcare personnel and I see the horrific effects of drugs.

  23. Na war o. I doubt it that in the OT times, there was any thing as having sex with one's self… There was bestiality, sex with animals, there was sex with parents or members of the same family, and there was the gay thing… But, prodding yourself for pleasure?

    Let's look at what laws made by God tried to correct. Lust. Desires that went against God's statutes. If God says dont commit adultery, it's because He doesnt want you to satisfy the desires of the flesh… The flesh belongs to the devil and the Spirit is God's. So which of the two does masturbation satisfy? A habit could be bad. It doesnt mean its not a sin because he's used to it. ''Replacing a habit with another''? How about not having one at all?!

    Abeg, maybe I'm getting Pastor Chris all wrong, maybe we all are. I dont want to believe he came out to say that ''masturbation is not a sin!''.

  24. I totally disagree! How can an act that leads to sin not be a sin. Please call a spade a spade!

  25. Well, If your conscience is already dead you may agree with that.there is no alternative to self control. Masturbation comes from the thought realm where every other unfilthiness streams from. Let your mind be renewed with the mind of christ and not lust

  26. The writer of this piece should have been more explicit to avoid mixing things up. The Pastor in question is one Pastor Chris whom I suppose is from Ghana and not Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy from Nigeria. I wonder why you featured Pastor Oyakhilome's photo in the article while the one who actually made the statement according to the accompanying video is not him.

  27. The bible says, beware of the end time prophate who will come with false teaching tryn to deceive u. 1Cor 19, 20 Knw ye not that Ur body is the temple of the holy spirit which is in u, which ye have of God, n ye are nt ur own? 20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in ur body n in ur spirit which are God's. The bible says 'whats comes out of a man defiles a man' Out of abundance thought of lust in ur heart makes u 'masturbate'. Be warn, God will distroy any1 dat distroy his temple. Pastor, dnt be an end time pastor, be warn hell is real for such.

  28. Call a spade a spade..methinks masturbation is a sin that's being carnally minded..

    My bible tells me wisdom is profitable to direct,I'm not condenming the man of God or judging here but,it is not everything I hear or read from pastors that I believe.that's my 2cent.

  29. Its a shame n worrisome. can u masturbate wtout engaging ur thought of sex appeals? I stand against such teaching n so sure dt d pastor got dis wrong….masturbation lyk football???? Hell don open mouth wide o

  30. what is the world turning into, Sodom and Gomorrah i presume??!!!!!

  31. Of course it's not a sin. What has God got to do with it? Imagine a man masturbating and thinking about his wife; what is wrong with that? Its only wrong when u cloud ur mind with lustful thoughts of someone you're not married to. If you can masturbate without been lustful, then ride on. So I agree with pastor chris. Masturbating "it self" is not a sin.

    1. The same man who masturbates thinking about his wife lacks self control which is a sign of weekness which pre-disposes him to other evil tendencies.He should go for help.

    2. Pls dont encourage a pastor to ride on and accelerate his journey to hell… It bcoms a great sin for a married man to masturbate bcos he is already married. You just imagine what he would do if he is alone with a little girl or another man's wife because he lacks self control.

  32. It is a sin against God, because u have to imagine about lustful things dat are sensual. And bible tells in Romans 1vs32, that if u dn't commit a sin but u derive joy or support those who do such sin, we are also as guilty as those who commited the real act. We are also warned to flee youthful lust. Jesus told us in Mathew 15vs18-20, Mark 7vs18-23, that out of the abundance of the heart, sin is commited. We should be careful of the kind of advice we take.

  33. I personally totally disagree with this teaching and feel its straight from doom. I wonder wat a generation we are into if a pastor will publicly declare masturbation not to be a sin against God. Hmmmmmm. Well i can see d devil now in d church and i pity how our childrens generation is going to be. God forgive u Pastor Chris

  34. Ynaija, please how do I get this link to share on my bbm display? I have shared it on facebook already. Please respond asap. Gracias

  35. Wow wow wow!!! I'm stunned yet relieved in a twisted way. I'm not exactly guilty of the art( cos it has got to be an artistic act right? Lol) except using the imaginative sense to cook up sensual visuals counts as that( does it? Does it? ) Oh well, P. Chris is my pastor, and I believe his teachings, coupled with the fact that 'it' wasn't exactly frowned against in the bible, yay!!! So, I gotta tell my *cough cough* to carry go! While we continue our abstinence. *wide grin*

    1. @Hephzibah …

      Much as I would like to say the opposite … God's opinion of masturbation and its easy replaceability with another habit is not that simple. First issue with masturbation is that it is self-sex, self pleasure, usually accompanied (90% of the time) with pornography and followed by a healthy dose of guilt. The bible is filled with quotes that encourage us to NEVER satisfy the cravings/lust/pleasure of the flesh and rather to be spirit-filled – ding! Masturbation is also addictive. You may be surprised, but the truth is that it can build up to a crescendo where it begins to affect relationships, jobs, behaviour etc – A little research will definitely convince you. The young man/woman most likely wont have asked pastor Chris for a solution if he wasnt bogged down/addicted to it. He also may have been caught (like many others) in the painful cycle of indulge-confess-indulge-confess …..

      In my humble opinion, I believe God does not expect us HIS children to engage in this act. Yes, it does not hurt anybody (except the doer) and seems harmless but can quickly grow into a debilitating addiction.

      Now the problems been discussed, its only fair to share Godly ways of tackling the problem of masturbation … This website… has biblical teachings that help us realize the power of God to elevate us from EVERY SIN/ADDICTION.

      1. @Vyk, I couldn't agree more with what you say. You put it in a very clear manner, Indeed it is a sin, full stop

  36. Well, well. Like his church advert says – "Pastor Chris. Worth hearing."

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