#BuhariHasFailed and all the other reasons #EnoughIsEnough should be louder than this


To think of a time in the future where Nigerians will be at their happiest is like thinking of the possibility of Utopia. From one passing government to the next, the story is very similar – ‘We will surprise Nigerians with good deeds‘. In the end, Nigerians get the surprise but the opposite of what ‘good deed’ generally means.

Good roads and stable electricity?

Working transport system and employment opportunities?

Security and infrastructural development?

Good education?

If you have to think too much to know which level Nigerians are with these, then you probably don’t live in Nigeria or you are living in a perfect world in your head. On social media this Thursday morning, Nigerians are calling out the Buhari-led administration over apparent inability to pivot the country to a better state.

A few times on social media, the #EnoughIsEnough trend has sprung up in reference to accountability and good governance. This time, it is about failed promises and the consistent denial that nothing is working.

Like the #RevolutionNow, this one is also calling for better governance. The outcry has stretched for a while now – with the government seemingly fueling the rage of Nigerians against them. Only yesterday, there was an announcement on the increase in the price of petrol from ₦142/ltr to ₦152/ltr. What a good time to announce such increases!

Unfortunately, we are used to trending hashtags and forgetting about it in a minute. Maybe this time it will be different. But we all know how other hashtags to demand accountability ended. How demonstrations are organised and no one shows up. But that is not the question now.

It is that the Buhari-led administration obviously does not understand what ‘suffering’ really means. It is oblivious to the fact that COVID-19 heightened financial uncertainties – unemployment, closed shops, increased food prices, increased prices of essentials; it is a long list. For a moment, you will wonder if the federal government aims to further impoverish an already mostly poor population. And you might not be wrong in your calculation. Recent events tell you a lot.

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