The Film Blog: ’76 is quietly cleaning out

We were impressed by ’76, but we didn’t love it.
Like The Wedding Party and 93 Days, it has pushed Nollywood many decades forward. Sadly 93 Days was not a commercial success (we hear it did no more than N12 million).

’76, however, is quietly ramping up the revenue. It continues to be in the cinemas, and continues to get choice time slots, even in the impatient Surulere FilmHouse cinemas and the Ikeja City Mall Silverbird cinemas.

And because it is so deliberately and carefully made, and yet resonates with audiences, it and TWP are earning respect for Nollywood films from the Nigerian audience. And that is excellent news – because as audiences begin to respect Nigeria’s films, they give more films the opportunity to earn and to invest and to be better.

As at the last count, ’76 had made over 80 million naira, according to inside sources.
It’s just because Mo Abudu and Kemi Adetiba have smashed all the records with surreal numbers. If not, before June last year, ’76 was the kind of thing that made a Nigerian film a roaring success.

Thank you, guys, for the gift of progress.

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