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Isoken Aruede

Imagine this: You walk into the dark cinema hall, popcorn in your hand and a drink in the other, feeling super patriotic with yourself seeing as you go for the Nollywood option.

Fast forward to maybe 35 minutes of the movie and you’re stone-frozen in front of this massive screen with 2 accredited Nigerian actors playing saliva ping-pong before your very eyes.

I don’t know about you, but I still find it super weird seeing Nigerians kissing in movies.

Let’s be honest, Nollywood is totally different from Hollywood, and no matter how the Nigerian film industry progresses, I don’t think it would be very comfortable seeing films with action and gun themes, or mushy romance themes, or even sexual nudity-based scenes.

We were all okay when we saw Cameron Diaz bare in Sex Tape. Some felt indifferent about it while the masses were undeniably thrilled. But when we saw Genevieve Nnaji simply engaging in FULLY CLOTHED kissing in Ijé, our eyes were wide with disbelief, our mouths were open in shock, and our skin crowded with goosebumps. I bet you would have heard someone scream something corrective at the cinema hall. AUNTY! YOUR MO-DA NO DEY WATCH DIS TIN??

Then when you think back, you wonder why you felt that way; we see this all the time. It’s JUST a kiss…yeah?

I guess it’s just a bit uncommon in our culture to see certain things – says the girl who’s never really seen grown Nigerian couples intimately kissing in the open.

So whenever I see such happening in a film, it just makes me feel like the industry is trying super hard to achieve growth by portraying popularly known foreign ways. Ugghh!

If it’s going to be a Nigerian film, abeg, let it portray Nigerian realities. Perhaps Nigerians aren’t naturally romantic. Or perhaps they express it differently from the Western orthodox portrayal of romance. After all, one must not press and rub and swallow someone’s face in public all in the name of romance.


Isoken is an undergraduate of the Pan-Atlantic University; currently studying for a degree in Media & Communication. She has always been interested in creative writing and from the age of 6, and has written a vast number of poems, public speeches, newspaper articles, and short stories. She won the 2013 National Essay Competition organised by the YSCC (Youth Support Counseling Consult) along with the opportunity to tour the U.K upon her victory

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