The Film Blog: Should we be worried for AFRIFF?

“It is not a joke, I am serious, I am quitting next year” goes the title of this Accelerate TV interview with AFRIFF founder Chioma Ude.

And, it’s by no means a made-up quote, or an exaggeration. It’s not taken out of context in any way. We hoped it was something she said as some sort of joke, but there’s nothing in her tone or demeanour to suggest anything of the sort. She starts off saying how it’s “sad” because she’s “losing grip of the festival.” She goes on to say that “it showed this year” because she had “very little say.”

While the words seem to suggest some form of internal discord, we think it’s more likely that (and we’d like to believe) this is just her way of saying the festival has grown big enough to survive without her, and it’s time for her to be less involved in the logistics of it all, and move on to other projects.

AFRIFF, in just a few years, has established itself as an essential part of the film industry, and we are not here for anything at all that puts its existence in question.

Watch the full interview below.

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