“How did she get his account number?” and a few other thoughts we have about #KeepTheChangeBae

We know random Thursday morning trends like this are often nothing more than bants but this one, this #KeepTheChangeBae (a.k.a #5KBae) is different. So different that the purple bank has decided to make a marketing campaign out of it.

Oh! wait, Surely not everyone has the full gist yet…

[Catch up on how the #5KBae “Duchess of Savageville” dealt with “Pablo Kosibar” last night]

So this guy (let’s call him Birthday Boy) takes a certain girl (we’ll call her Ore) out on a date in Ibadan. They went to the movies so obviously, they got themselves some chops; which Birthday Boy paid for.

However, Birthday Boy didn’t leave the date happy. He gets on Twitter to post a few subliminal lines to show how mad he was that Ore would agree to go on a date with him but then turn around to say she was not interested in a relationship.


How dare she, right?

And then he went on to say Ore could have just told him if she was hungry


He did not expect what was coming for him, we tell you. First, Ore sends him the 3,800 he spent on the date back to him and then some (hence, #KeepTheChangeBae) before proceeding to Twitter to respond to him with a breakdown of all he spent and a final word for days:

“Use the change for public transport”.

Interesting stuff really but does it not make you want to laugh before the gods in wonder at what this world i coming to.

First, we know that this is classic Twitter bad behaviour. 

Honestly, only on Twitter! And we checked their corresponding handles on Instagram, neither of them has any real presence on there. It’s hard to say whether we are tired of Twitter folks or we want to recommend them as subjects of some Ivy league psychology course.

Also, how did she get his account number to send his money back?

Who has a confused smiley to spare, please?

Birthday Boy is obviously a very hungry boy

Because is it us or was he asking for more money?



And as this wise person rightly point out:

That’s how he’s making money.

Isn’t this how Twitter stars are made

Soon Birthday Boy will add a Mr to his handle and start to tweet about Oyo State politics and the people will say he is a pundit. After all, he’s trended before abi? Might even get verified soon.

Finally, Ore?

We haven’t talked much about the babe because she simply handled herself properly and rightly showed her receipts for all to see. It’s not quite superwoman behaviour. It was simply the proper thing to do. The focus here should be on this entitled Birthday boy and how the world can unite to wipe the idiocy off his whole face.

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