The Church Blog: Guest Post | In this church, you better shout well

by Fowowe Damilola

One thing I’ve come to note in church is the sheer amount of calisthenics. A lot of motion sturves.

We have decided that God is moved by our motion. The more you move, the more God is moved.

So then, we decide that the louder we scream to God, the more He hears us.

Pastors don’t even make it better: they say in church, ‘the louder you scream, the bigger the blessing!’ or “the person with the loudest Amen gets the blessing first“. 

Wait first: can your voice even reach heaven that you are screaming about? Most times, we just go back home with cracked voices and a desperate need for hot water.

And there’s the perfect scripture to back it up. “The Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force”. Forget that the Greek context for that text had nothing to do with actual violence, just follow the leader.

In some churches you have to clap till God wakes up from His sleep. You clap so hard that you can barely feel your palms. All in the name of God hearing us. Or when we have to scream the name of Jesus seven times; blood of Jesus, four times; Holy spirit, three times — all this just to add extra effect or better still drive home the point to a God that apparently needs marching orders.

Is God a Mushin tout?

We have to remember: Not a single thing you did gave you this opportunity to be His child.

If it were by your works and mine alone, our souls would have been condemned to damnation.

It’s there in the bible.


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