How my banker wife cut my penis with a knife – Husband narrates (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Mr & Mrs Daniju.

by Akan Ido

Olalekan Daniju, a victim of a violent assault inflicted by his wife,Bimbola Ajetumobi Daniju, a staff of Ecobank Plc., Agege Motor Road, has narrated his ordeal in the hands of the lady.

Daniju who almost had his penis severed after a squabble with his wife has refused to press charges against her on the grounds that she is five months pregnant.

The fight had reportedly started after Mrs. Daniju flew into a rage accusing her husband of not providing adequately for the family’s needs.

In this interview with Gazelle News, the injured husband narrates his side of the story. Read below:


She is my wife. I don’t  want to say, she used to be my wife.


We got married on 18th December 2010, Wednesday the 18th was our third anniversary.


It started two days before the day of the injury. When we woke up on that Saturday morning, I told her not to put on the generator, because the fuel in it is dried up, and I was not having much money on me, that I will go somewhere to get money. I am a gospel artist and a guy called me to come and collect money for the sales of some CDs. I was banking on that money to take care of us through the weekend. She had already told me that she doesn’t have money and I know that she only fights me when she doesn’t have money and I told her not to worry that God will take care of the weekend and she later called me that she found Indomie and Sardine in the house that she would make it pending when I get home. I pack her cloths, pants and all sort to wash, because I have always been washing our cloths.

After washing, she came and told me I really tried because the cloths were plenty, she told me that she had cooked the Indomie, saying she and the baby had eaten theirs and the little portion that remains was what I eat before going out.

When I came back two hours later, she told me she was hungry and she wanted to eat wheat and white soup, I went to buy the food for her and she ate it. Thirty minute later again, she  told me she was hungry and I went to go and buy bread and butter again.

The car had a little problem which I fixed by myself after doing that I went inside and I saw her having a chat with her family and she was complaining that I want to kill her with hunger and she has not eaten. I was really upset with her that why does she like to expose me like this? Her family does not know that I’m trying my best. Despite the fact that I lost my job, I am still doing my bit, why don’t you just appreciate the little I’m doing for now.

She started her usual series of curse that she rains on me whenever we quarrel. She even extended it to my family members and this made me return the curse because I don’t like people cursing my family members.

I decided to go out and as I was going out her brother came in. He didn’t even greet, he went inside and gave her N1,000.

I left her and went out. I came back later that Saturday evening and gave her the money I came back with in spite of the fact that she started her problems again when I came in.

I had to go outside and service the generator myself because I don’t have any money again to give to the generator man.
As I was servicing the generator, the light when off and when she complained. I told her not to complain that I bought fuel for the generator.

When I came inside the house she was feeling guilty because I was looking really pale and rough and I had not had a bath that day and she was asking why I was looking like that and if I had eaten I told her that I have not eaten.

She asked what I will eat and I told her not to worry that as long as she and my son had eaten, I’m ok. When I went outside, my sister gave me N500 to go and get something to eat and I went to buy rice. I brought the food inside the house.

That brought another round of cursing because she felt I was lying to her when I said I don’t have money. Again, she cursed my family members and I responded in kind. That was the stage we were went to sleep that night and I thought it had ended there.

The following morning, which is a Sunday, I woke her to ask what she would be wearing to church so that I could iron it but she didn’t reply. I picked up my son’s cloth, ironed it, bathed him, had my bath and left both of them at home and went to church. In between the service, I came home to check on them and I met her cooking, I even joked that thank God there’s something for them to eat.

I went back to church and after the service I was I hungry I bought bread and beans to eat and I got inside, my boy told me he also wanted to eat bread and I gave it to him.

When she learnt that I gave the boy bread, she said I didn’t bother to ask her where she got money to prepare the rice that she ate calling me several unprintable names.

I responded again and this time it was a huge mistake. She just came near me, carried the plate of beans and pour the food on my head. She held my tie shouting and cursing me at the same time.

I managed to extricate myself from her grip and ran out. My sister, she nearly suffocate me with the tie.  She pursued me and broke a plastic bucket on my head but I continued to run. She picked up a bottle, broke it and threatened to stab me with it. This is a woman that is about five month pregnant.

I ran to my sister’s shop and tried to involve her but she stayed out of the matter because they all know that she is rude, stubborn and violent.

There was a day she and her brothers came here with thugs from Ojuelegba they wanted to beat up everybody here. She has chased me on the street with all sort of dangerous things. I don’t really know what she wants to achieve with all this but that day, her mum came, my mum’s sister came also and they tried to resolve the whole thing.

I saw my mum’s sister off and before I came back, my mother-in-law had taken my son away and I was like we are trying to solve one issue and you are trying to cause another problem. I told her that if by 8pm that evening my child is not back home, she would not find it funny.

I said that to make her know that I was serious but she said that there’s nothing I can do. She left the house before 8pm and came back 30 mins later without my son. She took her bath and went to sleep I went to my sister and told her I am going to my mother-in-law’s house to get my child but my family ask me not to go there. At that time, I was tired, confused and hungry. I picked up my laptop but while I was trying to watch a movie I fell asleep in the sitting room.


She woke me up at about 2am. I was in a pair of boxer shorts. She told me that it is either I kill her or she kills me and within seconds she had torn my shorts. This was not surprising anyway as she had torn many of my cloths in the past.

She said ‘I am going to kill you this morning. You think I am joking’. The whole thing happened so fast I just felt her hand in holding my penis, and the next thing was blood flowing. I started shouting and crying for her to take me to the hospital.

She said ‘hospital ke, that’s where you are going to die today’ and that was the last time I saw her. I don’t know how she left the house at that time of the night. She changed her cloth, took a big bag and left, only for us to see her two days later at the police station.

There and then, I decided I cannot continue living with her, she could just decide to put poison in my food and kill me one day.

It’s only person that’s alive that can explain anything. She could just poison  me and cook up a story just like she did at the police station where she told the police officers that I woke her up at 2am and started hitting her almost beating her to death and the officers clap for her for a lovely story. The officers ask how come I did all that and she had the strength to run away and she didn’t run to the hospital, that is, someone that was almost being beaten to death should go to the hospital and there was no doctor’s report. The person you injured brought his own medical report, we could see that the injury was bandaged.

The officers told her that there’s no mark on her to signify being beaten, she replied that she didn’t go to any hospital because there was no mark on her she also claim that she didn’t use any knife but that she used her finger nails to scratch my penis.


No, I don’t want to press any charges.


She is pregnant. I am looking at my son, there is no way I would press charges that it would not affect him. As it is, she could be locked up for up to three years or more and I don’t want my baby to be born in prison. I am not a violent person coupled with the fact that I have a name to protect, put all this together and she is not worth it. All I want is for her to leave me alone for good. Let us go our separate ways and I wish her all the best.


Depression! I don’t really know, but she is a violent person even before I married her. There was a day she fought her elder sister and when her father intervened she turned the fight on him, he beat her with a belt and it was really serious. Her father had to call me and report her, this happened when we were planning our introduction. He beat her to the extent that you could see the marks all over her body. She ran away from their house, and came to my place and I told her that she cannot stay here. I had to go to her family house to see them and they tried to get her to apologize all to no avail, in order to get her to apologize to her sister, her father had to threaten her that if she does not apologize, I would call off the wedding and she grudgingly apologized to them.

At the police station when she was asked to apologize because I am not pressing charges, she refused and the officers were surprised. When people from the church came visiting, they had a lot to say and none of it was good, she has virtually quarrelled with every member of the church. Even my pastor reminded me that he warned me not to marry her. Before  we got married, I was warned but I felt that with time she would change. But I have learnt in a bigger and harder way that some people would not change.


We would be friends but not as husband and wife. We cannot live together again.

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