“In the midst of all the pains in the country?!” – Top 15 tweets on Tonto Dikeh’s new songs

By Reuben Daba

If you don’t know by now that Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh unleashed two music singles on Nigerians today, really, what planet have you been on?

Of course as with all things culture and entertainment related, the Twitter world had lots to say about Tonto’s endeavour. LOTS.

So much, we had to go beyond the traditional 10. Proceed with caution.

1. @Emsevens: Need a mosquito repellent???? Download Tonto Dikeh’s song and put it on replay. Works well in the tropics!

2. @iamfemo: Listening to Tontoh’s song again on my studio speakers… it even gets better in 3D!! can’t wait to see her perform! Vic O can retire now!!

3. @davewops: We’r still sober abt the flood nd d Aluu incident. Nd Tonto Dike has mind 2 pull up dis Crap…in d midst of al d pains goin on in d Country

4. @cool_sarhyd: That awkward moment when a DJ Plays TONTO DIKEH’S song at a Funeral & the dead person wakes up to change the Track. #stolen

5. @1_mAd_maN: STUDY: If you watch Mr Ibu’s movies & at the same time listen to Tonto Dikeh’s songs.. Ur IQ reduces by 80%.. Pls RT let’s save the world.

6. @iam_Mhorackz: After listening to Tonto Dikeh’s music, there is a 98% possibility that you might slam your Phone on the Wall.


8. @Sir_Moby: Pls re-add me if u were on my BBM list. I lost all my contacts! Tried to DL Tonto Dikeh’s song & my BB crashed ni sha 🙁 TF?!

9. @tclefx: Dat tonto dikeh song is a huge joke, I’m sure shez smewhr laffin…coz I cnt xplain y sme1 wud intentionally cause pain to ppl

10. @flofash: The sound of my neighbor’s motor is better than that tonto’s song.. Shoot me…

11. @D_Boy!Andrew: Tonto Dikeh! Tonto Dikeh!! TONTO DIKEH!!! How many times did I call ur name? Abeg na kneel down I kneel down dey beg u, No sing again, ABEG!

Even Boko Haram joined in at some point.

12. @_BokoHaram: Who or what is this Tonto Dikeh everyone is talking about? Is it an animal, place or thing? The frenzy captures The Sect’s curiosity.

13. @_BokoHaram: I am aware that a certain Tonto Dikeh has released a song titled #Poko. This corruption of The Sect’s brand name, #Boko is condemnable.

Thankfully, you can always count on those who refuse to go with the cynical crowd:

14. @BEZidakula: Tonto my dear, don’t mind them you will take over the world!!!

15. @snikoggs: Apparently dissing Tonto’s music is the new cool. You need to reevaluate yourself; hating one’s art to impress your friends makes you stupid

Now, that’s got to hurt.

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  1. This song na one of the most funniest song i don here… i love the song bcos its filled with comedy. lol

  2. Hahahahahaha,tonto abeg sing another 1 make I laf die,ure re a disappointment babe

  3. So hilarious…..lwtmboooooo.heheheehheheheheehe, chai!

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail