It’s a long battle but an African remedy may just be the solution to COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic which has prompted a swift halt of economic activities all around the world, and also caused entire nations to be on lock-down, was initially not predicted to be able to induce this level of distress.

It was only around February that the world began to get proper and accurate information about the ferocity of the virus. This is in spite of evidence that suggested the virus could have a catastrophic effect on humanity at large if not contained properly, as early as December 2019.

Prior to February 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) alongside the Chinese Government, in an effort to contain widespread panic and maintain public trust, downplayed the severity of the disease and perhaps ‘misinformed’ the public on just how much harm this new disease could potentially cause. PSAs included news that the Chinese government had everything under control, and international trade and travel should continue without fear. Even health protocols were downplayed with information at one time suggesting that face-masks were not entirely necessary.

This caused many governments all over the world to relax border protocols, and disregard precautionary measures completely, believing that the virus was no more than a mere flu;  a universal misconception which as we all know has caused more harm than the good intended (if any ever existed). Now it seems like the whole world is paying for this misinformation and ill-managed precautionary procedures.

For months now, the world has held its breath and watched from the discomfort of their homes with hope and anticipation to see if a cure would be found. The virus is real and dangerous, evident in the fact that almost every single country in the world has reported. According to Aljazeera; 187 of 195 countries have reported at least one case of COVID-19. With this frightening stat, coupled with news constantly making the rounds, all who are not medical experts can do is wait and watch.

But to cheering news, who would have guessed that a possible cure would come from one of the medically overlooked places in the world? The gleam of hope that suddenly surfaced in the form of a Madagascan drug is reported to have a success rate of over 60%. Madagascar currently has a report confirming 128 COVID-19 cases, 96 recoveries, and zero deaths.

Today’s trend on Twitter is not surrounding the authenticity of this report, but surrounding the fact that the WHO, has reportedly refused to acknowledge the existence of this antidote.

The WHO is yet to ascertain whether the news about this drug is true or not and their reaction to the claim which is non-existent by the way has swayed public opinion against them in most parts of Africa. For example, Nigerians on Twitter took to their handles to bare their minds and there are allegations hat WHO’s negligence to this drug, is proof that they want to control the narrative even at the detriment of the world itself. That the drug is African and as such is not even worth their time.

But that doesn’t stop Africans from being hopeful, as before the advent of western medicine, Africans relied on traditional medicines to heal ailments, and the reality is that traditional African remedy may just be the key to solving this global health crisis, evident in the fact that Africa has the lowest COVID-19 case, despite previous estimations predicting the opposite.

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