Keep the spark alive: 5 things ALL wives should say to their husbands

by Sasha Brown-Worsham


Guys sometimes want to feel loved and be held close, too. They sometimes just want to feel like their wives want to be near them.

After a long marriage, sometimes it’s hard to always remember that the other person is human and that you love them. There is always something in the way — dishes, children, pets, car maintenance. Sometimes it’s hard to say the things we mean even when we know we should and we think them.

It’s not just the women, of course. Men are guilty of this, too. Men remember to tell their girlfriends or women they are interested in that they are beautiful, but they don’t always do the same for their wives (who probably need to hear it even more). Meanwhile we women also forget to tell our husbands the things THEY need to hear.

Here are five things we should be saying every day to our husbands:

1. You are sexy: He needs to hear it just like we do. Men aren’t robots. They also thrive on compliments and love, but we so rarely remember to tell them how delicious we find them, how sexy, and how irresistible.

2. You are a good dad: People do NOT say this enough to men. We shouldn’t make it about tit for tat or whether or not he packs the lunches or dresses them the right way. This is about a feeling. Does he prioritize them? Make extra time to play with them? Ask about their activities? Attend the activities he can? You may feel like you don’t get enough credit as a mom (and few do), but he needs to hear from YOU that he is doing a good job with your joint kids.

3. I am proud of you: For men, so much of their identity is tied up in their ability to provide for their family and do right by them. They want their wives to feel good about every promotion, every gold star, and every accolade they get. So tell them: “I am proud of you, honey.” It will make their day.

4. You are right: Few women will EVER say this to their husbands, but they should. Believe it or not, sometimes men ARE right (shocking, I know) and they need to hear it.

5. Hug me: Guys sometimes want to feel loved and be held close, too. They sometimes just want to feel like their wives want to be near them. Even if there is no time for sex, a hug and a kiss can go a really long away toward helping them feel more loved.


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