Qudus Olabode: My letter to Baga (Poetry)

by Qudus Olabode


Dear Baga,

would you ever write back

Give me words to spare once again

Its my seventh word upon the sacred cross

My fifth night in shades of waifBaga

I hope its worth the hope to feel found in the clan

I found your poses by the river side

Its drenched in patches of rose

Clad in swaths of red

I found your message in crawling shadows,

Loose upon fields of mourn

Remember those trees you planted,

Our tears sprout their roots

Wails buoy their leaves to shed darkened fruits

We feed upon those memories Baga

Our hopes Mourn upon those horrid fragrance

The gazes of their wings strike dead the humanity left in us

Your veins soar upon our weakness

Your bellies fattened with souls of the innocent


Give me words to write,

It’s summer in baga

Ninth of the sacred clans,

summer in Baga I say

Dreams burn with flakes of spite

Maybe we might never shut those dank lids

Its heavy and swollen

They weep, smile and weep,

They smile still. Steel they smile

Tears sprawl upon sacred clusters of your shrubs

Its summer in Baga I say

Your drought fled the deserts to feed our cows

It burns harder, cold red it burns

Vows languish, strife flourish,

I found your soul by the river side

The last piece of conscience you spilled

I found your charm in skin of chameleon

You make grief out of smile

I found your charm in fingers of the miner

You gave life to our gold, while our bodies pile upon swaths of dust

I found your charm in skill of the smith

Our ores made captive of your many battles

You strike grief upon us

Your wands pierce our souls

Our future burns with the trickling moist of pain

I know all you have for us is love

The love butchers have for their fattened cows

I seek no vengence upon you Baga

I curse not those darkened trees your fruit bear



Give me words to write

Guide the feet of my words to where you conscience lay

Mimi is seven, Baga

You took her home with fury of your graze

Broke her nights in greed of your zest

Your gaze hurt Baga, they cut portions of darkness from the wombs of the night

Your clad with smiles of wolf are postures of your love

Mimi sends her words, give them to those your greed fed in your eternal bowels

I know your temples are filled with stray souls

They wander in your temples of horror,

Wonder if your light are made from the flashes of your sword

You took their worries you said

Maybe the showers of those blood would make meanings to the grave

Mimi would wake with the memories

Memories of her morning, the memories you plagued with mourning

She has found a home in you

Teach her how to hate once more Baga

Strap her bellies with those protuded dynamites

Bury her feelings in ridges of your greed

Sprinkle the drought of hatred upon her little conscience…


Spare me words Baga

Not the flashes of your blood tasty wand

Strike me poses Baga

Not your bewitched metals

Plant me memories, Not those of your endless grief

With Love from ME.



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