Libido: 5 major differences between men and women

by Krystle Crossman

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Women are harder to figure out when it comes to their sexual inclinations. Every woman has a different answer when asked what turns her on.

There are certain stereotypes about a woman’s sex drive. It is a common misconception that they will only hop into bed with their partner if he does everything she asks, completes the chores, or if he buys her something. In reality while it is true that men have stronger $ex drives than women, women however see a more emotional connection with sex as opposed to just something that makes you feel good. It also appears that women are influenced by their environment and social factors as well. Here are some differences between men and women when it comes to their libid0.

1. Men think about sex more than women do. A majority of men under the age of sixty think about sex at least once a day while only a quarter of women do. Men fantasize more than women as well.

2. Men seek out a sexual partner more avidly than women. Men are also more likely to seek sex when it is taboo or outlawed, such as when they are a priest. Women tend to go slowly in relationships while men want sex before, during, and after the relationship has been established.

3. Women are harder to figure out when it comes to their sexual inclinations. Every woman has a different answer when asked what turns her on. A study was performed where women were shown scenes from different erotic movies involving male-female sex, female-female, and male-male. For most it didn’t seem to matter what they were looking at, some experienced some level of arousal as opposed to most men who were not aroused as much by male-male.

4. Women experience orgasms differently than men. Some never reach orgasm during sex and those that do take an average of 10-11 minutes as opposed to 4 minutes for men.

5. Women’s bodies do not respond to medications to increase libido. Men have medications like Viagra and Cialis, but women have a hard time finding anything that will help to boost their sex drive.


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  1. The first three are absolute B.S. There’s no statistical evidence to support that men think about sex more often or fantasize about sex more than women. It depends on what people are aiming to admit about how often they think about sex or fantasize. Men aren’t taught to be ashamed of sexual desire as much as women are, so they are more willing to admit how much they think about it. Fact is, it varies with each person in most cases, not by gender. And that fifth one? It’s called exercise and foreplay. No drug exists to boost sex drive in females because that’s sexism at work. Just because you read about women’s libido on Web M.D. doesn’t mean that either you or that site is correct.

  2. Viagra and Cialis don’t affect libido.

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