The Media Blog: Everything is breaking news these days, isn’t it?

And yes, we know we’re guilty of it too. But seriously. What’s the reason? Okay, we know the reason. Or part of it anyway. It’s a new age. Content glut. Too much information. Competition for eyes. Etc etc etc.

But we have to wonder – is there another way to chart the future of digital media without having to trap eyes of viewers using words like “BREAKING,” “FLASH” or “SHOCKING”? Does any of this stuff even have a place in the future or will readers wise up and check out completely?

It’s a question media outlets, particularly Nigerian ones (to be even more specific, traditional media outlets trying to make the switch to new media) need to be considering seriously.

Then again, we suppose it could be much worse. We could all be sinking to the creation of fake news.


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