The Media Blog: PartyJollof vs Zikoko: Tracker, Episode 1

So if you pay attention to the underground ‘submarine channel’ of online media, you will know that there is a silent war between entertainment magazines Zikoko and PartyJollof (disclosure: our sister company is an investor in PartyJollof).

You wouldn’t know it by looking at the timelines of PartyJollof, but it’s always there when you find the timelines of Zikoko and its writers.

Why? Beats us. Zikoko got there first. It enjoys a robust first mover advantage – an almost 6 month advantage. Enjoys clearly more funding. Has a larger team as far as we can see (probably a score of 5-2) – it has achieved viral status leveraging on its advantage.

Zikoko1Both also have clearly defined business models that don’t see the future in the same way. Zikoko doubles down on its signature Buzzfeed content. PartyJollof runs 4 independent verticals across Music, Weddings, Style and something they call ‘Life’ – more Gawker, than anything else. Both get high praise for what is clearly high-quality content on both sides – for an audience that sorely needs it.

Zikoko4So why can’t two players compete peacefully in a market where both of them have been roundly praised again and again? And why is the clear leader so threatened by its scrappy competitor?

Zikoko2And why are its editors and writers (the tweet above is from a senior editor at Big Cabal Media, owners of Zikoko, who is otherwise the smartest kid you would find on the block, expect for when he savaging his competition, like attacking on his daily newsletter) always on the attack, goading, liking, spreading the negatives? Again, beats us.

Zikoko5But we looooove it! We will be rooting any day for a good catfight. So, from today, and far into the foreseeable future – we will be tracking this passive-aggressive battle, and we will be telling you what it says about the future of Nigeria’s exciting space.

Zikoko3Oh, re that first mover advantage thing: actually, Buzzfeed got there first.

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