“Men of God harrass me sexually,” says Tope Alabi, “You better name names,” responds PFN

by Isi Esene

Tope Alabi, the hugely popular contemporary gospel singer recently granted an interview revealing that she gets hit on by many pastors who make sexual advances towards her.

The beautiful singer said many of them try to get her using all sorts of means but she has continued to resist their advances saying she uses the opportunity to invite them to become members of her church.

The Yoruba contemporary gospel artiste said;

“There are some of them that want to get to you by all means, whether you want it or not.

“Among them are a lot of money bags, they help my ministry now, they see me as prophetess [sic], some of them even call me pastor, even there are ministers of God that pester me and say they want to get to me, but when they get to me and they see I’m not like that, they change, you are there to change life [sic].

Alabi, however, did not reveal the names of the pesters she was referring to.

Meanwhile, this revelation has apparently not gone down well with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), which challenged Alabi to substantiate her claim by naming and shaming the pastors involved.

A PFN official who spoke with the press expressed doubt at the truthfulness of Alabi’s statement saying “it is not possible”.

The PFN official said;

“It is not possible that a pastor pestered her for sex as she claimed. But she needs to come out and name such an individual in order to teach others a lesson and cleanse the body of bad eggs.

“Making such an unsubstantiated claim on the pages of newspapers will not make any impact but rather bring shame to the body of Christ. She knows the proper channel to follow to report something like that.”

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  1. i believe u………………………

  2. We should be careful what we say about men of God because they are part of the body of Christ and Jesus will not take likely with anybody that tarnish His name. She should be bold enough to mention the names of these men of God if she is sure of what she said because open rebuke is better than secret love.

  3. Sincerely speaking, Waily has said it all. PFN should not just conclude that all pastors are saint. Why would they expect Tope Alabi to mention names? For d sake of d gospel, there is no need of mentioning names. The truth has been said.

  4. Does the PFN really stand for God and do they even believe in the bible itself? If they do why would they say that it is not possible that a pastor will do such thing meanwhile calling Tope herself liar for what they know that the possibilty is 90% because we are in this country and we know how all the shows go.Maybe we should remind the spokeman of PFN that even Jesus can not account for all the pastor and that was why he said that not everyone that calls me lord will enter the kingdom of God.it says further that many will come in my name (Jesus) and they will do wonders and miracles but on the judgment day he will reject them so who do they think those prophecy are meant for ? Well let's say the truth churches are run like Government houses now and one of those things they do there is image making even at the expense of killing the truth. She can not say the name of the pastor and they know that she can not so they should just leave her alone because we know what lot of the said pastors do so let the PFN itself shut up.

  5. Yes!!..her failure to reavealing names will eventually make her reports untrue and unbelievable..the better she name names….

  6. Sometimes we need to apply wisdom to the things we say or do she has a right to say what had happened to her in the past,but it is wisdom that will make her not mention names,why are we acting as if its all the pastors that are really clean and have not soiled their hands.

  7. Very well said by the PFN official,she should mention names of the culprits and shame the devil,so others will be taught a lesson and used as an example

  8. Very well said by the PFN official,she should mention names of the culprits and shame the devil,so others will be taught a lesson and used as an example

  9. If a person won't come out straight,den deres no need mentioning it at all…as much as I like Mrs Tope Alabi…she got dis one wrong.

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