MFM Pastor battles blindness: “Prayer Points and anointing oil cannot save me”

by Kolapo Olapoju

MFM Pastor Amaruche

Pastor Lawrence Okechukwu Amuruche, a pastor at the Alakija, Satellite town branch of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) is battling with eye cataracts which is threatening to totally destroy his vision.

Amuruche told The Sun that he has been grappling with the problem for over a year and he might completely lose both eyes if he does not get the necessary medical attention.

He said, “I noticed my eyes always scratch me and at a point my vision changed, my sight became blurring. I told my wife about it, she looked into my eyes and told me there was a growth forming in my eyes. So, we sought medical advice.”

“At the hospital”, Pastor Amuruche continues, “they said I should provide N450,000 per eye. That is N900,000 for the two eyes but I cannot afford it. I did an eye test for which I paid N130,000 pending the time I will get money for the surgery. But I have not been able to raise money and my situation is getting worse by the day.”

Meanwhile, the 61-year-old father of two said after several unsuccessful attempts to raise money, he went to see the General Overseer of his church, Dr Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, who instead of giving him money, gave him anointing oil, water and prayer points, which has failed to stop the cataract from growing in his eyes.

He said, “I have gone to my General Overseer for money to do the surgery. To get him was a problem. It was just last week that I was able to get him. But instead of giving me money to do the surgery, he gave anointing oil, prayer points and water to be washing my face. I told him that I have prayed. I have been doing fasting and have been doing vigils concerning the eyes. But it has been deteriorating. If my coming out to seek for help will lead to my sack, let him sack me and I will go instead of losing my eyes in the name of ministry. And I will not be able to minister, I will not pastor and I will be in the house and they will not pay me.”

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  1. Let’s call a spade a spade. Does the G/O not go for medical check ups? Does he not take medications? Miracle can come through the hospitals. They should please help there pastor b4 he goes blind.

  2. Pastor, wisdom is profitable to direct,use a govt hospital or source local recipes that can dissolve the cataract

  3. We have different level of faith. Pls don’t speak against the man of God, his faith might not b able to carry this challenge. His faith might b in the success of the surgery. I can say categorically that cataract in private hospital is not more than 80k including all treatments and drugs. I still went to Lagoon Hospital last weekend and I was told from 50k + 28k consultancy fee. So pastor make good enquiry lest they scam u. My people are desroyed for lack of knowledge.

  4. one question dat shd be asked here is, will the general overseer use oil and prayer points if his wife requires CS? one thing nigerians fail to realize maybe through ignorance or arrogance is dat there r some conditions dat just a visit to the doctor will save u from a whole lot of stress but we always try to test God even when he doesnt need to be.some test God on common headaches,if God wants to be tested all the time he wldnt have given man the wisdom to create drugs and other medical interventions. i wonder how irritated God might be at times at such disturbance . Now if any form of fraud is suspected by the church they can consult a trusted doctor to treat him though cataract removal is a minor surgery shldnt be that expensive. the verse in the bible thats says judgement will start from the house of God gets clearer with each passing day. finally to the cataract pastor I guessed he must have read the story of job to even non-believers, he must make sure he doesnt sin with his utterances or make other believers lose their faith.

  5. Please, Steve, blind spirituality is nothing to do with this. God never said you should not get treated at the hospital when you serve him. Going to get proper treatment from doctors does not mean you are unworthy. We christians have it as a point of duty to Stop selling these ignorant comments to people who are gullible and follow blindly

  6. Pastor, u shuld b ashamed of urself, where is ur faith? U said smetn lyk dt abt ur spiritual father? So u mean prayers cannot heal cataract? Talkin abt d amount fr d operation, I fink either u or d Doctor is tryin 2play a smart one bcz mi dad had a cataract operation sme years bak n didn’t spend dt mch… watch ur words fr d sake of ur followers… in as much as I doubt ur spirituality…

    1. why did ur failth not heal ur dad?

  7. Oya let’s go pastor!!!cataracts die by fire!! Die by force!!! C’mon Cataract, hope u’re dead. We can actually turn it to a song and get u 900k from a good show. Oya pastor bring the anointing oil let’s go again.

  8. toh….u see where ur faith has landed u? before u come out to beg for help, pls beg for forgiveness from all those gullible ones you allowed go blind by telling them their faith would heal them…..
    Because i’m nice, i’d tell you this free….ur time would come to give your G.O anointing oil…..cos guess what? cataracts is pretty common, u didnt have to be a witch to acquire it…stamping ur feet and shouting die by fire would not take it out….as you go older chances that you would get it are pretty high.
    Still cos I’m in my nice mood, maybe cos its the Ramadan holiday I’m not a muslim….I’d tell you something else free of charge. Cataract surgery isn’t 900,000 in the hospitals you should be going to at your socioeconimic level. I dont blame you, you’ve been healing people for so long so have not had time to visit the mainstream sector to know the kind of hospitals available. there are government hospitals and then private hospitals. private hospitals have different grades. i wouldnt go into the grades because you belong to the government hosiptal group. Cataract surgery goes for as low as 15000! Yes, take that to the bank! You cant be this ignorant in 2014…..Because there is an ongoing strike, you may want to try a private hospital, again know ur class, a fair hospital would do it for 50k. Be sure of the expertise of the person doing the surgery else u wait out the strike.
    Cataract surgery is a minor surgery done under local anaesthesia. Most patients would go home the same day, few would sleep over.
    I’ve taken pains to write all the above so u can get off the net and save ur job in the strong belief that you did not do this as a scam to get cash from our ever gullible Nigerians that believe anything sprinkled with religion on it…cos i dont know any hospital that charges 900000 for cataract removal…some1 is scamming some1, either u or the doctor.

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