[The Music Blog]: About that Ivanka Trump playlist of eternal love songs


I will not be the first person to judge a person by the weight of their parents’ sins but it’s hard not to wonder why Donald Trump‘s first daughter, Ivanka, published a 5-track playlist titled as ‘991122’, the colour code for ‘Red’ on Spotify. Though the mix features ballads mostly and not slow winding bedroom music, some media outlets have gone ahead to suggest Ivanka’s playlist was intended as a sexy one. Yuck!

But that is beside the point. The joke comes with the artists Ivanka track listed on the playlist. Except for Bruno Mars who is the only artist on the list who’s been non-political for his entire career, John Legend has been a vocal critic of her father, yet he’a listed twice on the playlist with “All Of You” and “Ordinary People”. Adele‘s “When We Were Young”, is also listed on Ivanka‘s ‘Red’ playlist, but the gag is that the British singer has fought to distance herself from the Trumps. A particular Trump rally during his campaign trail had played Adele’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)” to the dismay of her and her label, prompting Adele‘s team to publicly demand that Donald Trump make no further use of her music. In fact, during this time, Adele also occasionally paused concert sets to decry Donald Trump‘s presidency. James Blunt, who also makes a spot on the playlist did reference the infamous wall Donald Trump‘s promised to build on his new track “Someone Singing Along”, adding that someone will ‘smash it (the wall) with a cannon ball’.

If one didn’t know any better, it may just be easy to conclude that Ivanka Trump is subtly trying to use her playlist to signal her allegiance to ‘The Resistance’, the name social media has dubbed America’s anti-Trumpers.

Take a look at Ivanka’s Playlist 991122 via Spotify here

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  1. It’s all so confusing. She used the colour code not the word itself, which could mean several things. Are they in danger? (red) for speaking out against the Republican party/Trump (red). Especially John Legend who appears twice and has been twice (side eye Chrissy Teigen) as vocal as the others against Trump.
    But then Bruno Mars.
    LoL. This is silly.

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