North Korea could cripple the US economy with an EMP attack – Analyst

North Korea is poised to deliver a devastating blow to the United States’ economy with successive high-tech electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks, which would plunge the world into chaos.

It should be noted that, North Korea has long boasted about its ability to smack down the United State’s financial systems and transport networks with a series of EMP attacks.

Politicians in the US therefore are said to be perturbed by the unending threat of a high-altitude nuclear blast and the resulting electromagnetic pulse.

According to BBC’s foreign affairs editor, an EMP attack would surely result in a global financial crash as it will “fry the circuitry of mobile phones and wipe out online banking, food resources and the USA’s financial systems, resulting in a global financial crash”. It also has the ability to take down aeroplanes in flight and cause trains to stop in their tracks.

Simpson while speaking to BBC’s Radio 5 Live said: “One of the things that the North Koreans have been boasting about is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which means firing a nuclear weapon up into the atmosphere and devastating the electrical grid of a country and all of its infrastructure”.

He stressed further, “If something like that were to happen, I don’t think it is at all likely, but when North Korea is boasting about it, then, of course, the whole world would suffer if there was a major breakdown of the United States, China or somewhere else – that would be absolutely devastating to the world economy”.

“There are serious dangers to the world economy, and I think this is why the Chinese are showing such signs of nervousness at the moment because they think that the world economy could be devastated if anything goes wrong at all” – Simpson added.

North Korea’s threat are not to be handled with a mere concern as the regime has previously claimed it had two satellites in an “ideal altitude” to launch such an attack against the USA.

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