Opinion: Of cows, zebra crossings, taskforces and Japan


By Simon Utsu

Some days ago, I was somewhere and someone joked about Cows in Nigeria being issued passports soon, I laughed. And then it occurred to me that the joke could soon be reality and I stopped laughing. I remembered that some days before that, I had seen images of a herd of cattle being led across a pedestrian bridge! When did cows become pedestrians if I should ask? Coupled with the fact that the indiscriminate movement of cows around the busy parts of most Nigerian cities has increased. Everyday, Abuja commuters complain about cows impeding free flow of traffic. In Abuja these days, you see cows acting like Zebras and creating emergency Zebra crossings(where the didn’t exist before) to the frustration of road users. Another question: Are cows now emergency Zebras?

To wrap it all up and drive home my initial point(about cows being given passports soon), Mr President was in Zamfara state recently to institute the maiden human task force for cow protection- this task force is made up of hundreds if not thousands of able bodied men, some of them soldiers! So protection of cattle lives is more important than protection of human lives? What says you Mr President about the lives of those massacred in Benue, Nimbo, Plateau by your former misguided brothers(boko Haram) now masquerading as marauding herdsmen.

On to some more cattle related news, I learnt some Benue elders went to beg to Sultan of Sokoto (yet again) concerning the incessant killing of their people by Fulani herdsmen. Hope you realise that by going to bow to the Emir, you’ve playing into ‘their’ hands, you’re now a conquered people?

Well, I just have to tell these Fulani herdsmen and their sponsors to tread with caution because at the moment, they’re dealing with their China and their Korea and getting away with it, very soon, they’ll meet their America and change their mantra from “anyone who takes the life of a Fulani takes a debt to be repayable one day” to “we love peace, we’ll never fight again”.

Because with the way they go around murdering innocent people, they’re not taking a repayable debt with man but God. Karma will visit them soon-if they don’t stop their crimes against humanity(or is it even too late? Has Karma made up its mind?). What do I mean by America, Korea, China? Ok, let’s assume the Fulani herdsmen and their sponsors represent the all conquering Japan of old, the bad guys… From history, we know how the Japanese were the conquest masters and trouble makers of Asia. As small as they were in number, they oppressed and suppressed the bigger Asian nations(China, Korea) for centuries, doing so via brutal wars and takeovers that involved massacre of adult men and rape of over-aged and under-aged women.

It got to a point that Japan decided to take their bad boy level to an intercontinental one , this is when they joined forces with Germany in the second world war. Japan then bit more than they could chew when out of sheer arrogance and stupidity, they flew war planes close to America’s coast and bombed a US Naval Ship killing over a thousand(1,000+) US military personnel. This sad event got to be know as the Pearl Harbour massacre and was what led America into joining the 2nd World war. Well, we all know America’s retaliatory move aimed at Japan towards the end of that war- Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Atomic bomb, 100,000+ casaulty figure, can we all remember? After that NUCLEAR(pun intended) attack, Japan resolved never to engage in continental or intercontinental conflict EVER again.

Morals of the story:

  1. We should learn to embrace peace all the time.
  2. Where your craze stops is where another seemingly peaceful person’s own starts.

A word is enough for the wise and I hope this message gets to the thick skulls of those marauding herdsmen who strut around with imperial gait during the day and cause wanton havoc at night, often leaving scores dead in the wake of their unending pockets of guerilla styled attacks.


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