Opinion: Making a six-figure income in a depressed economy

by Sunny Elem

If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose network marketing,” Bill Gates once said. Now think for a while: why would one of the world’s richest men recommend network marketing? It is very simple: he knows that network marketing is one such business model which helps an ordinary man become extra-ordinary in the surest, shortest and fastest possible way.

As the Nigerian economy and economies around the world are in recession and job cuts and downsizing are becoming common, the need for residual income or second income stream is obvious. No wonder big business leaders around the world like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Bill Gates are recommending network marketing as viable career option.

Since the beginning of the network marketing industry in the 1930s, there have been six recessions in the United States of America – all of different degrees. With each recession, the network marketing industry has experienced significant growth because as the economy goes, network marketing goes the opposite direction.

Currently, our economy is just coming out or going into another official recessional period, depending on who you ask. Once again, indicators are showing that the industry is beginning another growth trend in the United States. Many network marketing companies, large and small, have experienced record growth in overall sales and sponsoring in the past year. Furthermore, with the start of the 2012, many of those same companies are seeing even greater growth from month to month.

So, why does the network marketing industry increase during periods of economic downturn? It’s simply because there are more people looking for another stream of income. There are more potential business partners in a recession because of the uncertainty of their current and future financial situation. Many have lost their jobs, had their wages or overtime cut back, or simply are concerned that they may be next in line for being laid off or cut back. For those that are financially stable, they are realising that they may no longer be safe and that additional income wouldn’t be a bad thing.

For those looking for an alternative to their regular job or a way to supplement their income, the industry presents a wonderful opportunity. Granted, many individuals who joined network marketing quit the industry because they just couldn’t seem to get anyone to join their business opportunity. The first thing many people cry is that network marketing is a scam. The majority of these got involved in pyramid schemes and online investment programmes, thereby losing money and efforts.

Make no mistake, network marketing from home takes a lot of effort and requires a whole new set of disciplines. Many make the mistake of thinking they can make tons of money with little or no effort. But there are proven ways to make money from network marketing that are more pleasant and rewarding than working in a traditional office or shop setting.

Network marketing is indeed a viable means of earning god money in a depressed economy, for, according to Warren Buffet, “Distribution of goods, not production of goods, will be the largest transfer of wealth in history.”


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