Opinion: “My last words on the Arik Air and my iPad issue” – Omojuwa

My quest was never about hatred for anyone or any brand, it was about asking the system a question it was not used to being asked. Now that I have my answers, I have moved on.

A lot has happened since the 16th of June 2012 when my iPad issue started. Yesterday, at the Lagos Head Quarters of Arik Air, West and Central Africa’s largest airline, we settled it and agreed to move on. The essence of this post is so those who added their voice to mine would know exactly what happened. It ceased to be about me a long time ago and the fact that the campaign was adopted by a lot of people meant that the issue dragged even longer.

I did not at any time request for N50 million from Arik Air. Those who took that up in blogs because of a line in one of my posts, were just looking for hits and I hope they are able to cash in on this last note that says myself and Arik have closed this issue completely.

I have a new iPad along with a Typad accessory but far from these materials, I learnt a lot about myself in the past few months. I also learnt about the history of Arik Air. How Richard Branson who had agreed certain terms in principle with the Nigerian government to start his Nigerian operations bullied the country and played a god on the nation. Welcomed into the country without a visa by four federal ministers and driven straight to the seat of power, yet arm-twisting the government into a compromise. Something had to be done to avert a repeat of the mess. President Obasanjo called a session of Nigerian business men to think through the possibility of having a major Nigerian player. A man rose to the challenge, attracted investment from reputable sources and today the brand lifts some 9000 Nigerians every day through some 150 flights.

We all agree their processes can be better improved and I stated that more than once in my meetings with the owners and I am certain customer service would be the better for it. My quest was never about hatred for anyone or any brand, it was about asking the system a question it was not used to being asked. Now that I have my answers, I have moved on. I also want everyone – irrespective of the side you were on – to move on from this.

I won many new friends and believers; I earned a few enemies and lost a few friends. If there is a bridge in the future to mend the distance, I’d take it. Like I stated earlier in tweets, I will not judge anyone based on where they stood on this issue except may be for a certain Emeka Okoroji who wrote through a pseudonym “Ajegunle Chap” and tweets to tell unimaginable lies about me. Emeka Okoroji saw an opportunity to defame and attack my person because he believes I have been too hard on a president (Dr. Goodluck Jonathan) he thinks can do no wrong. Arik Air and my iPad issue started in June 2012, Emeka Okoroji has been on my case since last year. Considering his age, you’d expect him to be able to separate his stand from one issue to another but sadly for this one, as long as it is Omojuwa, his stand is to hate. I have forgiven him and I hope he is able to live with hating someone much younger than himself. There is nothing wrong in taking a different position and view from other people but when the issues become about creating lies and fables just with the intent to bring down, you begin to wonder whether it was about the issue at hand or another issue entirely. There were many who cashed in on this issue to express their previously established hatred for my person. Nothing wrong with that – whether or not I like it, I am now in a position where I have to get ready to take whatever is thrown at me, I am dealing with far more people than I’d ever personally meet.

I am not entirely right all the time and I am certain I did hurt not a few people while this lasted, I apologize expressly. I am thankful to those who supported me through it all. I am especially thankful to the unknown people who went out of their way to defend me. You always owe your defenders whether or not you know them. I reserve a special mention to Captain Ado Sanusi who initiated the peace process and without whom there’d be no peace and Captain Mohammed who made the right calls and was a gentleman all through and to the chairman of Arik Air Sir. JIA Arumemi-Ikhide who closed our meeting with a communion. There were other people involved whose names I’d rather leave out.

We agreed to move on without signing any legal papers. This is an agreement between Nigerians who chose to trust the integrity of one another to do the right thing. There is a lot to do and I know without a doubt that we’d better spend our time and energy focusing on other far more productive issues than this particular one because it is done, settled and sealed. I will send an email to the Consumer Protection Council to hands off. I flew Arik yesterday – see attached boarding pass on the new iPad and typad – and I expect an official notification of my de-listing from the black list in a matter of days. I have made new friends and I just want to enjoy adding another year to my life tomorrow. Some chapters must be closed for new ones to open. On the issue of my iPad and Arik Air, this is the end.

Thank you and God bless.



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  1. I never know this my arsenal co-supporter. no dey vex tey. I think that's why we support Arsenal because we are good and easy going people.

  2. @Sandra thanks for calling me stupid. It sure exposed the level of ur immaturity and intellect coz pple like u cannot discuss issues without name calling. Anyway back to Omojuwa I just want u to be careful becos you have too many ass kissers like sandra around you who are afraid to tell u d truth. They r not real pple. They sometimes make you look like a cult figure instead of d ordinary chap u want us to beleive. My friend u didnt handle this Arik issue well and thats it. Simple.

  3. u never can tell how many persons u have inspired through this.we all need to speak out and act.many trash have been thrown our way as Nigerians & all we do is claim being religious and pray to God. we need more than prayers as a nation.when I experience a better customer relationship when dealing when using an Arik flight,the name Japheth would ring. welldone!

  4. Nigerians lack the ability to constructively comment on issues. We have just shown how low our intellectual level is with all these hate comments.

    Its high time we begin to use our senses.

    Omojuwa fought a good battle, he showed us, if nothing, that we can still fight for our rightsm that we are not just idle twittering youths…i respect him for that. If he has decided to put that episode behind him.,,then so be it, it is not your fight. Be +ve.

  5. All I can say is: to omojuwa, Arik, supporters of both parties and voltrons of both parties……IT IS OVER like omojuwa rightly stated…..our country has more serious issues we can find ways to solve together as one than just an iPad. Lets move on and take this like it never happened except maybe for reference purposes. Stop the insult and praises lets just move on. God Bless.

  6. He gets an ipad and loses his conscience. Arik Air just made the wrongest moves in the history of business by giving in to him. Expect more pple 2 forget stuffs in ur planes and tak u 2 court and use this case as a basis of their argument. What it tells Nigerians is that your staffs are not 2 be trusted whch Omojuwa hammered on. Instead of standing ur gorunds u pampered hm wit a new ipad. Many Nigerians now believe all the bad stories Omojuwa told about ur airline, hw shady ur staffs are and u bought hm a new ipad to prevent hm from exposing mre secrets. The legal dept of ur airline is the most useless in the world.

  7. Why are suddenly sounding like the PR person of Arik? So becos they gave u a new Ipad (and God knows what else) they are no more the thieving airline u made us all to beleive? I knew it was all about d ipad eventhough u made us beleive it was not.

    1. U really are stupid, u know. But I am not surprised. With that name of yours, I should not expect any better. And I can't go without asking, did you have shoes while growing up? I guess not…

      1. LOL, the last line was a slam dunk.

  8. Though I did not follow d story from d beginning from what I have read here its gud dat you have moved on… Whenever one is making a right call there will always be people who will want to bring you. Down… PEACE Bozz

  9. well done Japheth! It was always about demanding wht is right from a corporate organisation – they usually don't care about customers complain esp. in Nigeria. Well done.

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