Opinion: She married a horse, not a husband

by Micheal Ace

She did not hear when the priest said, “I now pronounce you HORSE-band and wife.

The first night was Lucifer smoking on a chariot of fire. She did not burn to be gold. She was a village in Maiduguri; burnt to ashes.

You wouldn’t know how she felt, would you? You wouldn’t understand the misery of echoing against the floor and watching your voice sneaks back into you, failed. You were made woman by a boy, probably at sixteen. She was been drilled with back bent and her fingers finding refuge on her toes; it was a war she couldn’t see.

And it went on and on; nights of bleeding and days of mourning. Her body ached but no one would think she’s sane if she said she was being raped by her husband.

You decide to work through the night but sleep comes and takes you away. Who do you blame when you wake? You don’t cheat nature and so you do not close your legs when your man needs a hole, even when the sores he left last night aren’t healed yet.

She married a horse. One day, she would be found dead, perhaps her man would have wanted a tighter hole and found two in her nose-simultaneous thrust.

So the priest will come again in his holy black and say, “we love her but God loves her more, from him we come and to him we shall return. Rest in peace, sister.” They will pacify the man. Forget it, he is not a widower; the bible says he can marry again. Yes! He can kill again.

But the priest, her siblings who couldn’t stand by her, her mother who reminded her that divorce is a sin, her friends who told her how the world will laugh if they find her running for survival, her conscience which was too weak will all rot in hell. They are murderers and so will they lead a red path to death, as well.

PS: Aside sexual abuse, a lot of life-threatening issues surface against women in marriage. To hell with what religion says; to hell with what the culture teaches. Run for your life.

Silence kills and so does dumb endurance.

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