Opinion: UNILAG student leaders are irresponsible and bad for the future

by Adewale Onagbesan

As it is always called; ‘the university of first choice and nation’s pride’ has done nothing but produced vibrant products, who are currently of great benefits to the nation, Africa as a continent, and also dominating the world. Starting with the likes of Barrister Adebisi Adegbuyi, Dr. D.K Olukoya of M.F.M, and so many personalities doing great exploits.

With the various relevance of the past alumni of this great institution, my question for the present various student’s leaders is that; of what level and extent is to be their own impact?. However, I answer myself by saying “the present student’s leaders possess no political and moral usefulness, and they are all bunch of irresponsible youths, and disappointment to the students”.

Furthermore, concentrating on my own alma mater to-be; the various students’ leaders lack political sincerity, starting with the council of faculty presidents. Am not so surprised at the council activities, because; I see them as Shoprite presidents, who are self-centered, and also lack political vitamins. I believe as a student leader; getting to a political office is based on their personal interest to serve the students, and to an extent where the tickets are gotten with their personal money.

To be factual, the spirit of corruption is the main theme of various faculty presidents’ administration that has joined the race of money politics operating at the national level of the National association of Nigerian students (NANS). Starting with the College of medicine pharmaceutical science students association (COMPSSA) president –  Babatunde Ismail Balogun who was impeached on 30th of August, 2014 by the legislature of the college, known as ‘House of Lords’ due to 3-basic count charges, which centers on political misconducts and  maladministration. Also, the faculty of business administration president, Olanrewaju Ogundipe who is chairman of the council of presidents, is nothing but a personality full of errors and failures, who was also the vice-chairman of the constitution drafting committee, for the proposed university of Lagos student’s union (ULSU). Olanrewaju, after been tagged as a pounded yam president, also failed to coordinate other members of the committee; in order to provide the institution with a well-suitable constitution, after having a lot of nice period at a great and expensive resort provided by the school.

However, my concern centers on the faculty of education of the institution, with the Nigerian union of education students association (NUESA), which is currently under the control of Comrade Rasak Olamilekan- the NUESA president, and to be concise his administration is tagged “ a period with no head, no tail”. Olamilekan has the same way of political life as Yinka Gbadebo, the NANS president, who operates money politics and stomach democracy. Olamilekan is nothing but a keg of failure, a confused man, a snake under the grass, the acidic rain that falls after the cool sun, and a leader who lacks political inner vision. Olamilekan’s administration is the first I know who failed to respect the constitution provided, due to the fact that he wants to run his selfish missions, before leaving the institution by December 6 of 2014. He did all he could just because he wants to fulfill his main agenda which is to enthrone ‘corrupt practices’. The financial secretary is sidelined in all financial matters of the faculty, all in the name of stealing students hard-earned and paid dues. It is however estimated that the president and his cabinet is in control of students’ dues worth over 3million naira, and at this time, with no single achievement to mention. The confused administration has failed to provide the whole students with any financial statements since the beginning of the session. Even just of recent, the administration through the welfare director, Comrade Babatunde, has failed to provide all students of the faculty with the ID cards which shows the spirit of association and unity. The same welfare director was reported to have collected the sum of 60,000naira for the purpose of getting public address system(PAS) for the faculty. However, the welfare director is nothing but a visionless students leader and a shameless thief, who can never be worthy of been emulated.  If that was all, like I have said, the financial secretary is incompetent and lacks vision, and as well as the fact that he does not realized the reason why is in that office. The financial secretary, Comrade Eze Joseph, is man that has no vision.

However, all this happened on the platform of the fact that the NUESA house of parliament under the administration of Rt. Hon. Adebowale Titus, is a toothless organ, who might be scared to carry out the duties expected of them, or might have been bought, on a friendship relationship which is against the key points of the operation of rule of law, which is the main element of the operation of representative democracy.

In fact, I feel they are not really worthy to be casted, because their lives might have been laid on the foundation of past and irresponsible leaders of this great nation, with the likes of Gen. Ibrahim Babangida who acted against the elective principle of Nigerian democracy with annulation of Chief M.K.O Abiola; Gen. Muhammed Buhari, Gen. Sanni Abacha and so on, who are all anti-democratic policies agents.

But as a youth, I believed they should emulate the enigmatic passions and strength of great people of the past, present in order to create a better future. This will possible if they do not imbibe the stomach-politics culture of students leaders in the nation, which include people like Yinka Gbadebo who according to me does not deserve to be called a COMRADE, because I perceive not his achievements, but only for him to conferred on president Goodluck Jonathan “the grand commander of Nigerian Students” excluding me. To be concise, on what necessity is President Jonathan worthy of that title? Is it the same President whose country’s future agents of changes academics were jeopardized for 6months, and 10months in universities and polytechnics, colleges of education respectively? Or whose administration has done nothing but fuelled the jets of corrupt practices every hour? Or the same person whose administration is incapable to refine the major mineral resources like crude oil, bitumen, etc. for the benefit of the majority? Or under whose administration houses failed sector of the economy starting with the ministry works, labour and productivity, finance and economy, petroleum, defense, ICT, and also the educational sector?

I feel the youth should try to look up to epitomes of emulations like Nelson Mandela of south Africa whose achievements cannot be forgotten, Menes of Ancient Egypt who can be remembered for his spirit of Uniting his nation, Queen Al-Kahina of North Africa, Mansa Musa of West Africa who is remembered for his generosities, and the Likes of Nigerian leaders like Herbert Macaulay, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Dr D.K Olukoya, and so many others.

I also believe there should be a formal and legal arrangements towards the activities of various leaders, most especially students leaders. There should also be a proper political orientation for them, and they must be constitutionally checked.

To rest my voice for now, I hereby challenge all the students of various institutions, most especially university of lagos, faculty of education to identify, fight, and defend their rights and interest, if the various students’ leaders are not capable of defending our interest. Also, I want advice all students to be politically active, because; we are the light of this nation, and the leaders of today.


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  1. am so surprised @deji gbogi….am actually less concern about ur grammars, it show u r a true follower of patrick. but u cant ever denied d fact that ur so called irresponsible president didnt withdrew the TV sets given to the college by Indomie company, and place them in his personal apartment. u cant also deny d fact that ur president denied the allegations levied against him by the house of lords, before the TV sets were retrieved back from him. however, am not surprised at u, because i av come 2 realise that the better future of Nigeria is nothing to hope for, and also i must conclude that u r a real agent of stagnancy for this nation. if a youth like u condemn an article written to criticise the actions of youths like of your level, as well as a great platform like Ynaija, to publish the article; then we r hopeless. and i must say that the effort of great people like Fela, Gani fawehinmi, Tunji Braithwaite and many more, is nothing but a waste, with people like you still existing. then what will say to d actions of Fela who never had a nice time with the military goverment?……..well i just feel every1 has his/her personal opinion which must not be condemned in a democratic settings, which preaches the respect for fundamental human rights…..mr deji, i feel u just have to take a rain check, and keep ur words for a rainy day….i am also an akokite like u, and we can discuss this further, just 4low me @Aristokrat00

    1. As blurred as your thoughts are, I’m sure when it comes to activism and social criticism, you have never done as much as I have done on the pages of dailies. One thing you must know is this, when you write articles, you must go deep into the stories you are writing about expecially when you are attacking personalities. It goes beyond just putting up some jargons together all in the name of criticism. I’m a Social Critic and I look closely before I write things like this. I’m so sure you lack in-depth knowledge about what transpired abt the impeachment saga of the COMPSSA President. It’s obvious in your article and your response. Nevertheless, I do not join issues with people like you. One, you need to learn how to construct a good English. 2. When you are writing an article, you don’t attack people like this. @Ynaija is the only relevant online platform that could have published this article. I beg that with you. And I’m sure the article wasn’t checked if it was worthy of been published. Check out my blog here; edmanuelval.wordpress.com to see my articles. And I still maintain my stand that uou must have had some personal beef with most of the guys on this parochial article. Follow you on twitter? That got me thinking like; who are you? What do I wanna discuss with you with this short-sighted reply? @ynaija really goofed for publishing this junk. You want me to support your article because of the criticism? Lol. That article lacks adequate information and that’s the more reason I will never support a junk like this. I wanted to write a rejoinder but I also felt it wasn’t needed. This is online junk. Gracias.

  2. Let me start by saying the author of this piece is a confused element and a parochial minded fellow. I’m disappointed in @Ynaija for publishing such a ridiculous article as this riddled with grammatical blunders. Was it that @Ynaija didn’t read this piece before publishing? You don’t write articles to attack personalities. It’s asinine and preposterous! For the records, the college of medicine and pharmaceutical sciences students association’s outgoing President Balogun Ismail Babatunde wasn’t impeached for financial misappropriation. In fact, the impeachment was a sham and it has been reversed. Go get your facts right before spitting rubbish. People like Mr. Adewale Onagbesan who stands from afar to criticise leaders tend to do worse when they get there. I’m sure you have a personal beef with most of those you attacked in this piece. Let’s not talk too much here. Tweet me @Gbogiofficial and lets discuss your article extensively. You are so short-sighted and lacks adequate information.

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