Broken record? Pastor Tunde Bakare – “The government is not competent!”

by Lekan Olanrewaju

In a recent statement, the founder of the Latter Rain Assembly and convener of Save Nigeria Group (SNG), Pastor Tunde Bakare, has spoken on the state of the nation, saying that he does not have faith in the present government.

The religious leader said that the present administration is not competent enough to make the changes Nigerians want to see, and that citizens should take action for themselves.

“Nigerians should know how to take their destiny in their hands,” he said. “We can no longer agree to be pushed, to expect development, to expect transformation, the government is not competent enough to make that happen.”

He spoke on the recent protests sparked by the subsidy removal, saying: “We want to be clear to Nigerians on other issues that Nigeria’s issues have gone beyond fuel subsidy removal.”

Bakare goes on to mention more issues that have been given attention since people started standing up to government:

Aside the reduction or increment of fuel price, there are issues involving corruption. We came out with banners, flyers and t-shirts, posters all that, and all was saying the same thing, kill corruption, and we began to tackle the issues of corruption in NNPC, the government that was not planning to look into these things, began to put committees together to start looking into these things.

 For the first time in the history of our country, we see people come out and ask questions, not just the day to day Nigerians feeling the grudge of economic hardship, there are those we call the elite and middle class, probably in Lagos, in Abuja, in Kaduna, people came out and were asking the right questions, that is one.

Number two, labour buckled, in spite of that, because what labour said when they went to strike was the previous price which was N65 or nothing. But they buckled and brought it to N95.
 Another thing we achieved is this, the government that mounted a fight and said we are not going back; we are ready for mass protests, quickly buckled also and changed the price to N97.”

He also spoke on the issue of extravagant spending by the government, saying it must not be swept under the carpet. “if you look at 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, the highest amount spent at anytime on subsidy was N640 billion. How did we now spend N2 trillion in the mentioned years, it must not be swept under the carpet,” Bakare said.

He also spoke on the late Biafra leader, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu saying his death must not be in vain.


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  1. LOL, it's odd — one minute, Bakare gets a healthy dose of Hossanas, the next, it's an onslaught of Crucify Hims. He's simultaneously loved and hated unlike any other Nigerian I can think of. History has always somehow justified him, though, so let's wait and see once again 🙂 I guarantee you several of you will change your mind. It keeps happening!

    @ Divine – Have you been to his church or is this hearsay? His congregation is 5,000-7,000 strong. Also, this claim that he slapped his wife in church — when o? Another wild rumour that has grown legs. I respect your right to dislike him, but don't vilify him unnecessarily 🙂

  2. Such bad English. I wouldn't trust this Bakare dude with anything. His church he founded is a ramshackled badly run place. The church has shrunk considerably in the past decade. The man has shrunk. Why does he think we should entrust Nigeria's administration to him? This is a mean unfeeling person who boasts about it on his tv preaching sessions. A man who slapped his wife IN THE CHURCH.

    I can't vote for this man. Nigerians won't ever vote for him. He needs to get a grip!

  3. Broken record? Yes!

  4. THRASH, this government is showing a clear reform path,lets give it to them

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail