“PDP? No go area for me” – Full text of #YNaijaInterview with Kayode Ogundamisi

This week’s edition of the #YNaijaInterview was with none other than Kayode Ogundamisi. The outspoken journalist gave us an insight into his activism, his thoughts on the state of the nation, and much more in this interview conducted by @stanlyazuakola. Check it out.

@YNaija: Good morning @ogundamisi, we’re glad to have you on today’s  #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: You are one of the most popular brands on Nigerian social media circles, but not many know who the real @ogundamisi. Tell us about yourself

@ogundamisi: @YNaija That is a difficult question. I am your regular Nigerian guy, schooled in Lagos Jos & London. Born 42+years ago #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: People have questioned your methods in passing your message,describing it as negative and sensational, would you agree?  #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija My method? We live in unusual circumstances, when U are dealing with a mad ruling elite, it is unwise to be ‘civil’. I have physical scars from torture during military era, so u can see why I get angry that democracy is being abused.
It is painful to watch people who opposed return to democratic rule, now playing God over conquered citizenry #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: Don’t u fear that if all civility is taken away from discourse,it becomes a mad house where nothing gets done? @ogundamisi #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija Being less ‘civil’ to mindless looters &  collaborators, is D least we can do, better than throwing bombs @ them
‘Civility’ is not taken away from discourse. Those in authority know I am a very civil person, they know me well.  Folks should not take  my intolerance 4 corrupt practices & my method as being ‘less civil’.   #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @ogundamisi Talking about bomb-throwing,are there cases where u can support violence as a way of achieving a +ve objective? #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija I abhor & condemn D use of violence as a means of achieving goals. I should know,. I have been a victim of violence . In condemning violence. Wont be naive,I do admit we have instances D oppressed would use violence as ‘self-defence’ #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @ogundamisi So would it b safe to assume that your outward show of incivility is a propaganda tool to win public sentiments #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija I don’t need to win public sympathy or propaganda.Nigerians can see bombs, corruption& cluelessness. I tell d story. My outward show of incivility, is d manifestation of all my frustration when vagabonds in power disregard citizens  #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @ogundamisi I want to put up a quote credited to you when you were the Sec Gen of the OPC. Tell us if ur view has changed? #YNaijaInterview

“In as much as OPC doesn’t encourage violence,we won’t hesitate to confront aggression with aggression.”

Do you still stand by that statement? #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija ‘Confronting aggression with aggression’ is a fundamental right, otherwise, UN wont arm Libyans against Ghadafi #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @ogundamisi You’ve been accused of employing hyperbole&fiction in telling ur “story” about Nigeria.Pls respond to that? #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija Totally untrue, cite examples & I will respond accordingly.

@YNaija: From the top of your head, is there any positive development u can credit tp the GEJ administration? @ogundamisi #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija I can credit GEJ with some achievements, more ‘YOOTS’ have access to quick money 4 doing nothing but ‘TWITTING’. #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @ogundamisi Some have applauded GEJ stance on the SA yellowfever card+position on Libya&CIV.Wouldn’t u consider those +ves? #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: When you hear so many people hailing you for your principles and service, how does it make you feel? @ogundamisi #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija I hardly hear people hailing me.I am attacked daily 4 my stance.Not that I need ‘hailing’ I am not doing it for ME! #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @ogundamisi So the big question is WHO are you doing it for,if not you? WHY do you do what you do? #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija I do what I do because I am passionate about my country.I know our potentials & I am saddened @ where we are today. There are different schools of thoughts on issues, it is unacceptable that we all have to think d same way #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: What’s your take on media reportage of BH? Should patriotism take precedence over neutrality of media? @ogundamisi #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija Loyalty to a President is not d same as loyalty to country. ‘Patriotism’ is loosely used in Nigeria. Media should report news undiluted. Media should be responsible to D public,4th estate of D realm can’t be DICTATOR #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @ogundamisi Can u expantiate on this response?BH argues that they ain’t getting fair hearing from the media, do you agree? #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija Nigerian media find themselves in very difficult circumstances reporting #Bokoharram & Terrorism. I cant judge them. Its difficult. I am no member, associate or sympathiser of #Bokoharram. Not competent to judge if they get ‘fair hearing’ in media #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: On the Nigeria question,would u say u are Yoruba first, before Nigeria OR Nigerian first, before Yoruba? @ogundamisi #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija I am YORUBA! Before I am Nigerian. Being proud of my Yoruba heritage does not make me love Nigeria less!. I don’t fault people for being Igbo.Hausa or, what is wrong is when U discriminate based on where people come from. #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: Also on the Nigeria question,what’s your position on SNC and the “settled doctrine” of Nigeria’s indivisibility @ogundamisi #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaijaI don’t believe in D ‘”settled doctrine” of Nigeria’s indivisibility’ In a referendum I will vote 4 Nigerian Unity #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: As we get ready to round up, we’ll like to ask a few questions about ur personal aspirations @ogundamisi. You served as Sec Gen of the UniJos SUG,an elective position. Would we see @ogundamisi run for public office anytime soon? #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija Not on my radar 4 now. But I will never shy away from service. I served my countries public service & proud of it. #YNaijaInterview. My challenge now is to be a good father to my 3 daughters give them a good name & legacy & mentor young Nigerians #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @ogundamisi “Not on my radar,” reminds us of another member of the canary family @eggheader.What’s the story behind canary? #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija @eggheader Canary Family? they do not usually agree on everything but are bounded by a common love 4 D voiceless. #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @ogundamisi For the records though, is there anything that can make you serve in a PDP administration? #YNaijaInterview

@ogundamisi: @YNaija PDP? NO GO AREA 4 ME! Not saying other political parties are doing better but. It’s imposible to serve UNDER PDP. I have PDP friends doing fairly ok, but remember Prof Wole Soyinka described PDP as ‘Nest of Killers’ I agree. #YNaijaInterview. People who know my antecedents,know my atraction is to NEPU/UPN/AD/ACN (B4 D ‘Baba So Pe’ Era) Never NPC/NPN/PDP #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @ogundamisi Alright Sir. We’ve come to the end of this week’s #YNaijaInterview. Big thanks for your time and forthrightness.

@ogundamisi: @YNaija Thank U very much. May God SAVE NIGERIA FROM NIGERIANS #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: It’s been @ogundamisi on the #YNaijaInterview. Hope you loved it. We’ll be back next week.

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