#PresidentCovik: ‘Unknown soldier,’ Imam of Peace wages war on Buhari(sts) and it is not ending anytime soon

The statement will read:

It has become obvious that some Nigerians are aiding one Imam of Peace who has taken it upon himself to mislead a rather peaceful citizenry. It is unacceptable that someone who does not understand the affairs of a nation will start a campaign against the president of that nation and its people. 

We implore Nigerians not to deviate from helping to curb the pandemic that’s causing harm to the nation. It is important we focus on helping to stop the spread of COVID-19, so everything goes back as it was…”

Did that sound familiar? Well, we are used to ‘debunking statements’ that come at every instance and most times, very late, when Nigerians have literally moved on from the issue. The statements leave room for Nigerians to make conclusions. “Is this so? Why am I asking? It is. Silence confirms it.” That’s exactly what goes on in the heads of Nigerians every other day. 

But what would prompt the above statement from the presidency? 

Australia-based Islamic cleric, Mohammad Tawhidi, popularly known as  Imam of Peace on Twitter watched President Muhammadu Buhari’s first and only public televised address since the outbreak and heard ‘Covic One Nine’ somewhere in between. 

He went on to write on Twitter:


It’s Covic Imam and yes, Nigerians already heard it. Probably his local tongue affected the pronunciation. But it did not end there. He started a campaign against Buhari and the millions of Nigerians who voted for him – again – in 2019. It is a well-edited movie. See below: 



He says something about the Buhari’s media team and his ‘fans:’


Imam of Peace is not the only one on this, Nigerians are using the opportunity to talk about the country’s problems, amid the pandemic. And, we would remember how #WhereIsBuhari trended for hours, in the light of the fact that there were claims that the president is severely ill and is probably down with the virus. 

The trend fired up when the president’s media team released a picture of the president in Aso Rock, asking Nigerians to – again – debunk the rumours. 

The other unconfirmed report (an audio from someone who supposedly works in Aso Rock) was that President Buhari and his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari had been secretly flown out of the country to be treated – after Kyari was confirmed coronavirus positive. 

Nigerians are used to comparative leadership styles and believe that everything that works for the Americans SHOULD also work here. “We want it just like it is done in the US! Is that too much to ask?” They say. 

So, it is not enough that the president keeps releasing text statements about monies released to stop the spread of COVID-19 on Twitter and supposedly giving orders through his media team, Nigerians want it to be the Trump-style – “Talk to us every day like your children. Just imagine we are your children.”

The #WhereIsBuhari trend also raised dust already cleared: “Is Buhari really him (and dead) or the clone from Sudan as proscribed Biafra group, IPOB, claim?” For this, we categorically say NO! 

Imam of Peace has raised issues of a dictator allowing terrorism to thrive so he continues as President, and while we want to argue that, Nigeria’s armed forces have indeed, done a lot to end insurgency in Nigeria’s Northeast, too many Nigerians still believe that the country’s leader is relatively absent in the affairs of a nation he is supposed to be leading.

Is it lack of information or the attention span on things of NO relevance? What do you think?

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