[The Presidential Blog] Are we moving the Presidency in 2017?

Honestly. Because it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand.

First it was the jaw-dropping NGN 1.05 billion allocated for presidential travels in 2017 and now we hear the Federal Government is proposing to spend NGN 2.38bn in 2017 on fueling and maintenance of the presidential jets.

The same Presidential jets we thought we’d agreed to sell off as many as we can to reduce government spending?

What’s worse, in the 2016 budget, before the sale of the presidential jets that happened earlier, N1.99bn approved in the 2016 fiscal period for the same fueling and maintenance. Now, with two less jets, we get a budget that has increased the amount to be spent on jets by NGN 390 million?

They must think we are dumb.


By the way, their local trips will cost NGN 353.115 million.

So we are asking: are we relocating the Presidency in 2017? To Mars? Maybe because that’s where recession-ending policies have been hiding. Otherwise no other explanation will cut it.

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