Private jets: “You can’t oversee churches in 160 countries on a bicycle” – Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye RCCG

by Isi Esene

Pastor E.A Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has made a case for mega-pastors owning private jets. He argued that jets are a necessity for effective evangelism especially when you head a church which has its membership spread across 160 countries.

Adeboye, in an interview with Al Jazeera, said, “There are things you need,” to perform the task he does as the general overseer.

“When you have to oversee churches in 160 countries, you can’t do that on a bicycle,” he added.

Other prominent pastors who have acquired private jets are Bishop Davis Oyedepo of the Winners’ Chapel and the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor.

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  1. E get as e be , a wise man , who died at the backyard of a foolish man e get as be oooooooooooooooooooooo.

  2. Daddy G.O you are a blessing to this generation, i love you sir and continue the good work God has lays in your hands

    1. Leave pastor G O alone he once has n̶̲̥̅̊☺ shoes like his pal GEJ and now he has d best opportunity to fly on private jet with poor nigeria masses money I guess it’s high time we wake up he’s too corrupt to tell GEJ the truth dat’s why he always shy away to speak abut d present state of the nation rather he tell us to continue praying. we can’t send our kids to d schools the churches built with our money.I am tins won’t continue like dis

  3. leave Daddy G.O alone to focus on this primary assignment here on earth.he has many soul to accomplish to the kingdom of GOD.Pastor Adeboye God almighty will bless you and all will be well with you and your family,ministries etc

  4. When P-Square and Davido cruise on private jets for their concerts, we hail them, but when Pastors ride same to minister the gospel,we condemn them.Shows what our priorities are. And for the media,you guys won’t report the millions of lives these ministers and their missionaries are reaching out to through their mission fields in remote places across Nigeria and beyond.You know such reports don’t sell.You’ll rather sensationalise the jets.Search your souls.

  5. Which one is better? Pastors / bishops sleeping with minors and other accursed things or using jet to propagate the gospel

  6. Solomon u com here 2 coment filin lyk a gud person. ur a hypocrite. Ppl lyk u hav existd long b4 nw evn in d tym of Jesus. ds same tin hapnd wen mary madalene poured an xpnsv perfume on jesus and ppl complained bitterly sayn dat d money usd in buyn d perfume shud hav bin used instead 2 feed d poor. jesus said “i wont b here wit u 4 eva, but d poor wil nvr depart 4rm ur midst” u com here actin lyk u “knw it all” wheras u ar of little mind. U shud knw dat God has always blesd his prophets ryt 4rm d days of old. Ur talkn as if u wud sell a private jet given 2u as a gift 2 “feed d poor” do u knw hw dz pastors sufferd 2 grow their church? Nw de ar reapin d fruit, u jus de 4 ur one rum de vex. If e de pain u den go hug transforma.

    1. #kpakam

  7. Hey! Are the jets in question the personal property or for their various Ministries? If the former is the case, then there is PROBLEM.

    1. Go ye into the world and spread the good tidings of Jesus. Preach the word of the Master with the jet. God bless you pastor Adeboye.

    2. Spik d truth n put d devil 2 shame. . .

  8. So sad for this Pastors to be living a good life and taking from the poor!!! What gives them Super Powers, they are just human like all of us. Preying on the poor and gullible, mostly African people!! Uits very sad!!! How did he even acquire 160 Churches?? Sad indeed! Same like Pastor Chris!! And the rest of them!

  9. chukuw i thimk you are stupid to say the least, you have just spoken gullibly and it leaves much to be desired i think you should came down and think

  10. Shut up ur mouth if u dnt knw wat 2say. Even if de own a thousnd jets, na ur money? smtyms it is beta 2 kip shut dan criticize “men of God” least u face God’s wrath.

  11. I think its all boils down to greed. Instead of delegating the work to other people Y turn Ajala travel

  12. Its high time many Christian Nigerians woke up from their stupidity and gullibility.How can Pastor justify his Hollywood superstar lifestyle owning a jet.He shld mention the 160 countries he oversees and d number of times he has gone there.Even in Nigeria dat he’s based,he shld tell us d last time he went to any Northern state or Eastern state to preach.And Pastor Adeboye shld know dat there are many Catholics in d world dan there are “Redeemers” and in more dan 200 countries.Every Pope has always bn flying Alitalia;no one has ever flown in a private jet.To me,all dis Pastors buying and flying in private jet to “spread” d gospel are just riding on d stupidity and gullibility of their congregations.Why wld someone go to Church in a public bus while d Pastor drives a exotic cars,stay in 5 star hotels and fly in a private jet.It’d be better to just sit at home and pray wit my family.At least it hasn’t bn proven dat if one doesn’t go to Church he won’t make it in life or make heaven.

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