Sean Tizzle walks out of TV interview? Here are 4 things we learned from that episode

Nigerian music act, Sean Tizzle has joined bad gang. He was seen walking out of a video interview with TheNETng this Friday, after the interviewer raised questions about the artiste’s bleaching rumours. Sean Tizzle stormed out of the show flashing a middle-finger sign for the presenter and the cameras, he must have been terribly pissed.

He’s not the first Nigerian artiste to angrily walk out on TV interviews. Singer, Omawumi pulled the same stunt sometime in May when she was questioned about her rumoured smoking habit. Omawumi told the presenter off in rage, accused her of not getting accurate facts and walked out of the live interview.

Here’s some takeaways from this episode:

  1. It is rude to walk out on an interview: Hollywood actors may have gotten away with it in the past but it’s still absolutely rude and unacceptable. There are polite ways to handle questions you find unsettling, say something like “I’d rather not talk about this, can we move on” or make a silly but firm joke about it sending a signal to the interviewer that you do not want to talk about that issue. If he nudges on after this, you might then punch him in the face and walk out. Otherwise, walking out on an interview is bad for a celebrity’s image, and rude to fans and owners of the TV network hosting the show.
  2. Modern day presenters need to be more professional: It might be more fun to throw random, unexpected questions at celebrity guests but it is unprofessional to ask questions based on inaccurate and unconfirmed facts, especially for the first time. You must have had a short chat behind the cameras with your guest, that chat is the best opportunity to run the questions you’ve prepared by them. Or through their PR person days before the interview.
  3. Sean Tizzle could have seized the moment: Questions that address lingering rumours like skin bleaching in Sean Tizzle’s case are an opportunity to deal with the issue before a large audience and put it to rest once and for all. Tell the cameraman to zoom in on your face and hands, since you’ve been accused of hiding them from cameras for so long. Show it to us then maybe recommend your skin products to your fans. All of this if you truly are not bleaching your skin. But if you are, then of course, walking out was the best option.
  4. Maybe Nigerian celebrities are just not there yet: This is not to say that they’re not allowed to get upset on live TV but if your public image still needs designing and correct packaging, do not try it. Sean Tizzle just shouldn’t have. He hasn’t released a banging hit recently, at least none like his debut ‘Sho le’ and the widely-accepted ‘Perfect Gentleman‘. So maybe he’s not in the position to get unnecessarily vexed on live TV.

Here’s TheNETng video in-case you missed it;

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  1. I support walking out if
    D presenter intentionally aim 2 embarrass. All d problems in 9ja , its bleaching that’s worrying them..

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